Plumbing Jobs for the Experts

plumbing for experts

Plumbing Jobs for the Experts

While there are plenty of simple fixes you can do on your own, it’s safer and cheaper the let a professional handle the more severe plumbing repairs.

Here are some common plumbing disasters and how to avoid them

Gas Lines

Gas leaks are the most dangerous type of problem to try to handle on your own. When it comes to working with gas, it’s critical to let a professional handle it.

1. If you smell gas, do not turn light switches on or off or use any electrical devices such as telephones or appliances.

2. Call the gas company or dial 911

Even a small amount of gas leaking into your home can be dangerous. If the cause is a broken gas line, the repairs need to be done by someone who knows how to take safety precautions and is trained to handle the job properly and with care.

3. Fixing a gas leak needs to include understanding the cause and making sure the repair has integrity, so it does not happen again.

Sewer Repairs

This is another repair best left to a professional. Sewer repairs will require careful digging, heavy tools or equipment, and generally require a permit.

That’s because digging around sewer lines can spill out into public areas and can damage nearby gas or electricity lines.  A mishap here may compromise your safety, your neighbors, and those passing by.

Handling a repair of this magnitude is better left to a professional who understands the scope and knows what precautions to take.

It can also save you money because it’s very likely that, even if you did get a permit to handle the work, you might not have the heavy-duty tools or experience to do the job correctly.

If a sewer repair is done incorrectly, you’re going to have to call a professional anyway, so it makes sense to get it right the first time.

Replacing Pipes

While pipe replacement sounds like a project you might be able to tackle, there can be unexpected difficulties that you may not be ready to handle.

Fitting, connecting, and working with various types of pipe require a solid knowledge base, training, and experience that most people just do not have. It also may require removing significant lengths of pipe and possibly welding – another rare skill necessary to do the job correctly.

Making a mistake during a pipe replacement can create even bigger problems if the fix doesn’t hold, and you have to break through drywall multiple times. A professional will better assess what needs to be done the first time and find the most cost-effective way to handle the job.

They’ll also be experienced enough to make sure your plumbing is working properly again before declaring it “complete” and ensure that the fix didn’t create any new issues in the lines.

Pipe Rerouting

Perhaps you’re embarking on a bathroom remodel that requires moving the plumbing fixtures and rerouting pipes. Similar to fixing pipes, this work involves details that are important to get right the first time.

Proper measurements and the ability to make careful adjustments for the new lines, water intakes, and drains requires precision to ensure that your toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs are aligned properly to the new pipes and stems.

If done incorrectly, you can do major damage that can create a water leak down the road or possibly impact sewer lines. And the problem may not occur until months after you’ve completed the remodel, which will have to be torn apart to fix the problem.

While you may be a genius when it comes to carpentry – putting in cabinets, vanities, or kitchen islands – it is often best to leave the plumbing to a licensed and bonded professional.

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