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Inconsistent Water Temperatures?

Have you ever wondered how your water can change from hot to cold with just the push of a lever? The answer is the water heater that works behind the scenes to control the temperature. However, if this appliance is old, works too hard, or experiences power issues, involuntary temperature changes can occur.

This issue can be extremely frustrating and annoying for a Coplay homeowner who wants to enjoy a nice, hot shower or bath or requires hot water to conduct tasks such as washing laundry or dishes.

If you're noticing that your water temperatures are not consistent, this is not normal and is a typical sign that your water heater needs to be investigated.

Broken Water Heater Causing Flooding at Coplay Property In Need of Repair or Replacement
Coplay Plumber Inspecting Water Heater In Need of Repair

Is a Water Heater Repair Necessary?

Depending on the problem, a water heater repair may be necessary, however, other situations may require a water heater replacement. To determine which one you require, you'll need to contact a professional plumbing technician to assess your water heater unit. 

Water heaters are vulnerable appliances that can run into many diagnostic issues if they're not properly maintained. Their responsibility is to heat water to a specific temperature that may be pre-set or the maximum level. As the water heats, pressure builds inside the tank. After a while, smaller parts within the tank may become worn out or damaged and require either a repair or replacement.

Agentis Plumbing Conducts Water Heater Repairs Throughout Coplay

If your water heater has been giving you frequent issues, Agentis Plumbing has a team of professionals that can assist with water heater repairs throughout Coplay, Pennsylvania.

Since our inception in 1954, we've provided a variety of plumbing services throughout Lehigh Valley and Lehigh County. Our company has been recognized as Lehigh Valley's Best Plumber according to the 2020 Reader's Choice.

If you contact us for a water heater repair or replacement, we'll arrive at your home or business to assess the appliance and diagnose a potential problem. From there, we'll immediately get to work to solve the problem. All services are provided on a 24/7 basis with no additional costs for weekends, nights, or holidays.

Plumber Listing Down Repairs to be Done on Broken Water Heater in Coplay Pennsylvania
Water Heater Repaired by a Competent Plumber Servicing Coplay PA

Hot Water to Enjoy Once Again!

After we assess your water heater unit, we'll conduct the proper repairs or replacements to ensure a smoothly functioning unit! Finally, you'll be able to fully enjoy a hot shower or bath or conduct tasks such as laundry or dishes.

Hot water is an essential thing to have in the suburb of Coplay, Pennsylvania, where frigid weather conditions are unpredictable. If you still find an issue with your water heater unit after we tend to it, we provide one of the best warranty programs in the industry.

If you need water heater repair or replacement in Coplay, Pennsylvania, contact our experts at Agentis Plumbing for rates and estimates at (610) 632 - 7902.

I required an emergency repair of my leaking hot water heater. Agentis Plumbing sent out a technician within 2 hours to isolate and drain my tank. They also provided a quote for a replacement, ordered it and returned first thing the next morning to install the new hot water heater. Excellent, quick and professional service. Highly recommended

- Robert P.

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