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Results of Water Treatment Services Provided by Bethlehem Plumber in an Allentown Commercial Property


Worried about water quality in your commercial space? Agentis offers free water testing so you'll know what steps to take next.

Water Filtration Systems Available for Bethlehem and Allentown Businesses In Need of Commercial Water Treatment Services


Commercial water filtration systems are recommended even for those with treated city or municipal water.

Glass of Soft Water in an Allentown Commercial Building That Availed Bethlehem Plumber's Water Treatment Services


Enjoy softer water that's gentle on equipment, reduces maintenance costs, and leaves a positive impression on clients and employees.

Do You Know What’s Lurking in Your Water?

Water is one of the most essential resources on our planet, but unfortunately, most tap and well water sources contain moderate to heavy levels of contamination from industrial and environmental pollution. This can pose serious health risks to individuals who regularly consume or use water. 

Whether you're running an office, restaurant, or manufacturing facility, ensuring that your water is pure and safe is of utmost importance. However, with so many sources of contamination, it can be challenging to ensure that your water is free from harmful substances. So, how can you ensure your water is free from contaminants?

Glass of Water with Blue Liquid at an Allentown Commercial Space Before Arrival of Bethlehem Water Treatment Plumbers
Allentown Commercial Plumber Checking TDS of Water in a Bethlehem Property Prior Water Treatment

Water Treatment Systems Can Transform Your Water

We believe everyone deserves access to clean, healthy water, which is why we offer a range of solutions tailored to your specific needs:

  • Free Water Test: Our complimentary water test is not just a service. It's a safety measure. It provides insight into the condition of your water, allowing us to recommend the most effective treatment solutions. If your water comes from a private well, regular testing is essential. Our well water testing detects common contaminants, allowing us to recommend the appropriate treatment solutions to keep your water safe for consumption.
  • Water Softeners: Say goodbye to hard water problems! Water softeners effectively remove minerals, leaving you with silky-smooth water for bathing, cleaning, and cooking.
  • Water Filtration Systems: Protect your family from harmful contaminants and impurities lurking in your water supply. Our advanced filtration systems are designed to remove pollutants.

Agentis Plumbing Offers Commercial Water Treatment in Bethlehem and Allentown, PA

If you need a professional plumber, Agentis Plumbing has a team of experienced technicians who are here to help! Agentis provides commercial water treatment 24/7 throughout Bethlehem and Allentown, PA!

When you call for water treatment, we'll arrive promptly at your business and thoroughly assess your setup. From there, we'll perform a complimentary water test and discuss what steps need to be taken to improve your business's water quality.

Bethlehem Plumber Installing Water Filter As Part of Water Treatment for Allentown Commercial Property
Tap Water at a Bethlehem Commercial Space Straight to Glass After Allentown Plumber Conducted Water Treatment

Water Treatment System Installation, Repair, or Replacement

With water treatments from the team at Agentis Plumbing, you'll notice a massive difference in the water quality on your commercial property.

If you need water treatment, contact our experts at Agentis Plumbing for rates and estimates at (610) 632-7902.

We have done business with Agentis for years. Their plumbers are always top rate and do great work. *** was out today for a couple of issues, arrived on time, did great work and respected our home. Thanks to Agentis for providing excellent service!

- Mark H.

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