Sewer & Manhole Inspection

We use ROVVER X Technology to safely and simply provide advanced sewer and manhole inspections.

How Does An Advanced Sewer Inspection Work?

When it comes to city and municipality sewers, storm lines and manholes, we utilize the ROVVER X — a system built to do everything: control inspections, view and record digital video, log observations, generate reports, and link directly to asset-management software.

Our ROVVER X features:

  • Steerable 6-wheel drive maneuvers past obstacles.
  • Modular design adapts to pipe of any size, condition and material.
  • Compact system footprint can be deployed from any size vehicle.
  • Digital controls automatically update to the latest features and support self-diagnostics.
  • Scalable design supports lateral launch, side-scanning and laser profiling.
  • WinCan VX included with every system purchase.

Through our innovative and accurate system-wide assessment, you'll be able to save thousands of dollars, hours of wasted time, and even prevent sickness and disease from spreading through wastewater.

Allentown Plumber Preparing For Sewer and Manhole Inspection in Bethlehem PA
Technology Used by Bethlehem Plumber in Sewer and Manhole Inspection in Allentown PA

A Financial Issue

Cities and municipalities are losing money every year due to rapid aging and deterioration of their infrastructure. On top of that, resources for combatting inflow and infiltration are usually limited. It's critical to find a solution for this tension, before excessive inflow and infiltration causes excessive damage!

Thankfully, there's a phenomenal solution for getting to the bottom of these sewer and storm line issues! We use an analysis-driven strategy and state-of-the-art technology for finding the right solution the first time. This can save your city or municipality thousands upon thousands of dollars, wasted time, and frustration!

A Health Hazard

Sewer and storm lines fail due to infiltration and inflow. Infiltration is what happens when groundwater seeps into defective pipes through cracks, joints, or manholes. These defects are mostly caused by age, soil movement, tree roots, faulty design or installation, or lack of maintenance. Inflow is what happens when stormwater enters your sewer system through roof drains, leaky manhole covers or foundation drains that are improperly connected to the sewer.

Infiltration and inflow causes excessive amounts of wastewater that result in pipe structure failures and even ground subsidence. If untreated, the wastewater can then discharge into our environment, threatening the community's health and wellness.


Technology Used by Allentown Plumber in Inspecting Sewer and Manhole in Bethlehem PA

Your technician was out on New Year’s Eve. He was terrific. He has a great personality. He did a fantastic job. We now know what plumber to call. We will never use anyone else!

- Susan M.

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