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What's Wrong With My Garbage Disposal?

Washing the dishes can be a grotesque task. That’s why we love garbage disposals to eliminate all of that extra food waste! However, recently you've been having frequent issues getting your garbage disposal to work.

Whether you have power issues, clogs, leaks or a persisting foul odor, it is highly encouraged to contact a professional for further analysis. If your concerns grow more and more overtime, the best thing to do is to prevent any serious consequences from arising due to a faulty garbage disposal. Some garbage disposal problems can lead to drastic consequences such as electrical issues, fires or wall damage due to water leaks. 

Garbage Disposal In Need of Repair Causing Clogging in Nazareth House
Plumber Repairing Malfunctioning Garbage Disposal in Nazareth PA

Time For A Garbage Disposal Repair

Can you remember the last time your garbage disposal was installed? Most people either don’t remember or don’t know at all, which is often a common problem. A typical garbage disposal can last for approximately 10 years if it’s properly cared for. However, these appliances are extremely vulnerable to certain foods or materials that can cause them to wear out much sooner.

Prior to experiencing issues, do you recall frequently resetting your garbage disposal? Or have you noticed strange sounds that you possibly ignored? These are all large indicators that it may be time for a garbage disposal repair. And while some may attempt to repair it on their own, it’s best to leave the job up to a professional within the Nazareth area for guidance and assessment.

Agentis Plumbing Provides Garbage Disposal Repairs

Agentis Plumbing has professionals in the Nazareth area to assist with various plumbing services, including garbage disposal repair.

Our plumbing professionals will stop by your property and assess all aspects of your garbage disposal and the damage that was caused. Once we find out where the problem is stemming from, we will give some feedback to the owner to see how they want to deal with the situation.

If you give us the opportunity to perform a garbage disposal repair, we'll supply all the parts and tools needed to tend to the situation. Subsequently, all services will be done in a quick and efficient manner so that you can, once again, have a garbage disposal that functions properly. 



Nazareth Plumber Repairing Damaged Garbage Disposal
Garbage Disposal Repaired by Nazareth Plumbers

Return to a Functioning Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal repair can take approximately 30 minutes to two hours before you can expect your unit to function normally.  In addition, all other significant issues will be prevented and you’ll experience feelings of genuine relief. 

Our professionals will provide you with useful tips on how to properly care for your new garbage disposal and prevent further issues from occurring in the future. In addition, all services will be cost effective and efficient. 

If you're in need of a garbage disposal repair in the Nazareth area, please contact the professional plumbers at Agentis Plumbing at (610) 632-7902.

They were knowledgeable & skillful, knowing what to do. They kept the cost down as much as possible. They set to work right away & completed the project in one afternoon. I am very thankful for their hard, efficient work!

- Hope G.

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