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Is Your Water Heater Giving You Problems?

For those experiencing issues such as damaged flooring, rusting and impaired drywall... these problems are likely stemming from the water heater unit.

The process usually begins unnoticed until strange sounds of humming, popping or rumbling can be heard from the basement. Eventually, homeowners, property managers and small business owners alike may experience inconsistent hot water flow or continuous cold droplets.

If you are a current resident of Northampton experiencing these problems, you’re not alone. Special appliances such as the water heater usually get neglected due to other events that happen in people’s daily lives. Other times, people don’t have the finances to repair them, which can equally be frustrating. Can you relate to any of these issues?

Leaking Water Heater In Northampton PA In Need of Repair
Northampton Plumber Checking Newly Repaired Water Heater

Why Should I Monitor My Water Heater?

If your water heater is giving you problems, it’s likely because you failed to check up on it. Don’t worry, this is, unfortunately, a very common occurrence.

Even if you believe it’s working properly, make a point to keep it in check and ensure that it won’t possibly cause future issues. The water heater is one of the most important tools to keep up-to-date. If neglected, it can become vulnerable to breaking down, thus leading to damage within one’s property. Additionally, an impaired water heater can leave one without hot water for an unpredictable amount of time and can be costly to repair the unit.

That’s why water heater repairs, upgrades and installations are a necessity for all home and property owners, and should be kept in check on a bi-annual basis. But, is checking a water heater dangerous for someone who is unsure of what they’re doing? Thankfully, that is exactly what we’re here for.

AGENTIS Plumbing Has The Proper Knowledge on Water Heater Repair

Agentis Plumbing serves the Northampton area and is highly educated in the safety, care and financial costs of a proper water heater repair. We inspect the units carefully, dissect the issues, and can get it repaired in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, we value water heaters that are energy efficient, dependable and convenient for all homeowners and commercial areas.

Additionally, we use American made parts for all services and installations. If you’re concerned about costs, we’ll help individuals to understand the best and most affordable options and brands for installation or replacement. And, if one happens to fail or not work as well as you hoped, we provide the best water heater repair warranty in the industry.

Plumber Inspecting Water Tank and Heater In Need of Repair
Water Heater in Northampton PA Repaired by a Competent Plumber

Enjoy Your New Hot Water

After your new unit is installed and your damage is fixed, enjoy your new hot water, especially during the cooler months of the year!  Subsequently, they’ll have their hot water restored, their damage repaired and an upgraded water heater unit with a top-notch warranty. Life will return to normal and all home life and businesses can revert to what it used to be, but better!

Your family, employees, consumers and/or others will also appreciate your water heater investment. And as long as you continue to check up on it bi-annually, you will no longer have to stress about possible damage to your property, since you’ll be forewarned in advance.

Those in the Northampton area that are in need of a water heater repair, upgrade, or installment should contact us at (610) 632-7902.

The plumber was extremely courteous, helpful, knowledgeable and quick. He was at our door within a half hour of the call and had everything fixed up right away. Highly, highly recommend!!

- Tiffany G.

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