Restore Your Water Heater

Hire a Professional Plumbing Technician in Walnutport to Conduct a Proper Water Heater Repair or Replacement

The Water is Cold

Have you returned to your Walnutport home from a long day of work or chilly day outside, desiring to relax in a nice, hot bath or shower? Then when you step into the water, it's not hot or warm like you wanted.

Or maybe you've needed to finish a task like washing dishes or laundry, and it's been hindered by cold water.

While this is a strange occurrence, you may have ignored it until other significant problems occur, such as low water pressure, water discoloration, fluctuating temperatures, and odd sounds coming from your water heater unit. Finally, you realize that your water heater is not acting normally, and you don't understand why.

As a result, you feel confused and frustrated. Hot water is necessary to conduct normal daily tasks and personal hygiene. How can you get it fixed?

Flooding in a Walnutport Property Caused by Water Heater Due For Repairs
Local Plumber Checking Newly Repaired Water Heater in Walnutport PA

Consider a Water Heater Repair

Whether or not property owners know it, a water heater unit is one of the most important appliances in a home or business.  However, the moment it fails, everything can go wrong. That's why regular maintenance checks are needed to ensure the unit is in working order.

If you're experiencing issues with your water temperature, you should consider a water heater repair or replacement. Determining the option you need depends on the problems the unit's facing, its age, and many other factors. However, it's strongly encouraged to contact a professional plumber near Walnutport to discover the issue and expertly solve it.

Agentis Plumbing Provides Water Heater Repair Services in Walnutport

If you require an installation or assessment of a water heater unit, Agentis Plumbing has a team of professional plumbers who provide water heater services throughout Walnutport, Pennsylvania.

Since 1954, we've proudly served home and business owners throughout Lehigh Valley, Carbon County, and the surrounding areas. As a third-generation, family-owned company, we've been widely recognized for providing top-quality customer service. Additionally, we were voted Lehigh Valley's Best Plumber according to the 2020 Reader's Choice Awards.

Plumbing services are provided 24/7 with no added fees for nights, weekends, or holidays.

Ongoing Inspection of Newly Repaired Water Heater Done by Walnutport Plumber
Newly Repaired Water Heater in Walnutport PA

Your Water Heater is Back to Normal

If you contact us for a water heater repair or replacement, we'll arrive at your Walnutport property as soon as possible to assess the unit and diagnose the problem. From there, we'll all the necessary services.

Depending on the case, your water heater will be working again within 30 minutes to a few days. You'll learn about how to maintain your unit and finally be able to enjoy warm water for daily chores and hygiene care.

Additionally, if the unit faults again, we offer one of the best warranties in the industry.

If you require a water heater repair or replacement for your Walnutport, Pennsylvania property, contact experts at Agentis Plumbing for estimates and rates at (610) 632-7902.

After our water heater died, we obtained several estimates but chose Agentis on the strength of their responsiveness and obvious expertise. *** patiently endured many questions and his conscientious explanations helped us to choose the best option for our needs. The work was excellent and we have been very pleased with our new water heater. We officially have a new “go to” plumbing team. Go Agentis!

- Dorothy L.

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