Collect Excess Water In Your Basement

Repair, Replace, Or Install A Sump Pump With Assistance From A Professional Plumbing Technician In Fountain Hill

There's Too Much Water!

Your basement is a place in your home or business where valuable or sentimental items can be stored away and protected. It is also a place where people may go to watch TV, hang out with their friends, or spend some alone time for themselves. However, it's difficult for one to use their basement at all when the space continuously floods, unless one wishes to practice synchronized swimming in freezing, disgusting water.

Can you relate to this situation? If you've noticed water within your basement, this can be due to heavy rains or snowstorms that occur in the Fountain Hill area. Eventually, excess rain or melted snow will seep underground and find ways to leak into your basement if it has nowhere else to go. That's why home and business owners need to install a sump pump device.

If you have a sump pump yet still find yourself dealing with too much water in your basement, this can signify that your unit needs repair.

Fountain Hill Home's Sump Pump In Need of Repair
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What Can A Sump Pump Do?

A sump pump is a device that removes excess water from one location and transfers it somewhere else. In most cases, it relocates water buildup to the outside of one's home or business. These plumbing appliances are important for preventing basement floods and saving thousands of dollars in property damage costs.

It is highly recommended that residents in Fountain Hill invest in a sump pump installation to help protect their homes and businesses. However, if you do have a sump pump installed, but are still experiencing flooding, then it is encouraged to consider receiving a sump pump repair.

Whether you're in need of a sump pump repair or installation, it's important to reach out to a local plumbing company to assist with the installation or repair process.

Agentis Plumbing Provides Sump Pump Repairs & Installations

If you're searching for a professional plumbing company local to Fountain Hill, Agentis Plumbing has a team of experienced individuals who can do various services, including sump pump repairs and installations.

Serving the Lehigh Valley area since 1954, our team is known for prioritizing every client and their needs. In addition, we've been recognized throughout the community for quality customer service and dedication.

If you contact us for a sump pump repair or installation, we'll arrive at your Fountain Hill property to assess the unit, figure out the issue, and get to work on fixing it. If you need a sump pump installed, we'll help you pick the right one that matches your budget and works with your property!

Ongoing Repair of Broken Sump Pump in Fountain Hill PA
Sump Pump Recently Repaired by Fountain Hill Plumber

Don't Worry About Water Buildup

After the repair or installation of your sump pump unit, you'll feel more at ease during the events of heavy rain, snow, or unpredictable weather in Fountain Hill.

Your basement and belongings within it will be protected from flooding or water buildup, so your basement won't be a swimming pool! As a result, this will save you more money in property damage costs than what you invested toward your sump pump repair or installation.

If you're in need of a sump pump repair or installation in the Fountain Hill area, contact the experts at Agentis Plumbing for rates and estimates at (610) 632 - 7902.

Great service & fast. Discovered our sump pump failed and our basement flooded at 8am. Called Agentis & they had a tech out by 9:20. The tech was able to recommend a certified mitigation service to salvage the carpet. New sump pump installed by 11am.

- Sam L.

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