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Are You Freezing With A Broken Water Heater?

Like many areas in the state of Pennsylvania, the suburb of Macungie is no stranger to high amounts of snowfall on an annual basis. So what if your water heater were to suddenly breakdown in the middle of it?

Now, you’re finding yourself without hot water for an unpredictable amount of time, taking cold showers, and are in desperate need to repair it before further damage happens to your home or business (such as built up sediment or rusted flooring).

You’re probably wondering to yourself, “How could this have happened?” Well the answer can be a few reasons… The biggest culprit is that of a damaged water heater.

Flooded Macungie Home In Need of Water Tank and Heater Repair
Macungie Plumber Repairing Broken Water Heater

What Caused My Water Heater to Breakdown?

A property’s water heater is responsible for supplying sufficient hot water and water pressure within a home or business. They are essential on an annual basis for showering and cleaning. And, if they break, they can cause significant damage to both the unit and your property.

Breakdowns usually occur due to neglect, and unfortunately, it is very common for homeowners, property managers and small business owners to forget about these appliances due to other life events.

Once neglected, they can break easily and leave one without hot water for an unpredictable amount of time. In addition, those that lose hot water can suffer greatly. Others who don’t own a water heater unit probably can’t afford the cost of installing or maintaining one, and this can be equally just as irritating.

Those who are new to Macungie and don’t own a unit may find it beneficial to install one, especially when temperatures become cooler outside. But, how can one know how to receive a water heater repair, upgrade or install?

Agentis Plumbing Provides Water Heater Repair

Agentis Plumbing serves the Macungie area and has a well-equipped team that can safely assist in water heater repair and maintenance fro all businesses and homeowners alike. We will inspect all units carefully, dissect the issues at hand and repair it in no time.

Furthermore, we’re extremely knowledgeable on the most affordable and top-notch brands that can ensure longevity, efficiency and heat, so those that lack a water heater can make more informed decisions when installing one.

While performing all services, we use American-made parts and ensure that they’re all efficient and reliable. If one were to feel unsatisfied with their water heater unit, we provide full extended warranties on all installations and parts. Lastly, we can educate all property owners on maintenance tips after receiving their new installation.

Plumber Listing Down Repairs to be Done on Broken Water Heater in Macungie PA
Newly Repaired Water Heater in Macungie Home

The Return of Hot Water Has Arrived

After you’ve received your new water heater unit, you’ll understand exactly how to manage it to prevent events like this from occurring.

This will ensure that you will no longer have to deal with the unwanted stress of inconsistent temperatures and water pressure. You’ll love your new investment! If for some reason you don’t, rest assured knowing you can receive a full warranty on it.

Those in the Macungie area that are in need of a water heater repair, upgrade or installation should please contact Agentis Plumbing at (610) 632-7902. In the end, you’ll feel exhilarated to have continuous hot water flowing within your property and avoid any future damage or impairments.

We called them because we had a leak at our business. They acted quickly and sent someone over right away. It turned out that the water heater needed to be replaced. They had one delivered within an hour and installed soon thereafter. I would absolutely recommend them.

- Early Bird

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