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Do I Need Pipe Lining?

Have you recently experienced strange plumbing occurrences throughout your Trexlertown home or business? Are you frustrated or confused about what is happening and why?

If you're dealing with issues such as soggy spots in the yard, foul odors, pests, mold, slow draining, low-quality water, or gurgling toilet sounds, there is likely an issue with your sewer pipes. However, since sewer pipes are located underground, it can be difficult to pinpoint this issue immediately.

If you contact a professional plumbing technician to further analyze these issues, they'll likely give you two options to resolve your sewer pipe issues: pipe replacement (excavation) or pipelining. Depending on the pipe damage and one's budget, a pipe lining is often the recommended method.

Pipe in a Trexlertown Property Cleaned Prior to Pipe Lining
Cross-section Image of Pipe Lining Done in Trexlertown PA

What's The Pipe Lining Process?

Pipelining (or pipe relining) is a no-dig repair method that involves internally sealing a damaged pipe without replacing it, which saves a lot of money and ensures that the yard remains intact. This procedure can repair many sewer pipes that range in diameter from 2”-84” in diameter and mainline sewers.

The process begins with a video camera inspection to dissect the pipe and discover where the damage is located. Once this is complete, a professional plumbing technician will cure and reline the damaged area with a special coating to cover any corrosion or cracks. As a result, this will relieve all plumbing issues that one is experiencing.

To guarantee a successful pipe lining procedure, one must hire a local Trexlertown plumbing company to fully assess the pipe and determine if this is the repair method for you.

Agentis Plumbing Provides Pipe-Lining Services to Trexlertown

If you think that your Trexlertown property needs pipe lining, Agentis Plumbing has a qualified team of plumbing technicians to analyze your system and conduct the procedure.

As a third-generation family-owned business, we have served the Lehigh Valley area since 1954. Since then, we've garnered a positive reputation among Trexlertown residents and voted Lehigh County's Best Plumber according to the 2020 Reader's Choice Awards.

If you contact us for pipe lining, our team will arrive at your home or business to analyze the damage. Once we determine that you qualify for a pipe relining, we'll perform a video camera inspection. Then, we'll utilize the Picot Brush Coating™ System to restore your pipes. This coating provides a damp-proof, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and non-corrosive lining to make it long-lasting.

Plumber Performing Pipe Lining to Repair Sewer in Trexlertown PA
Clean Pipe in a Trexlertown Home After Having Pipe Lining

Your Sewer Pipes Function Properly

After getting your pipes properly lined, you'll notice an immediate difference in how your sewer pipes function and decrease your plumbing headaches.

The best part is that the foundation of your property will remain completely unharmed and you'll save up to 70% on a costly traditional excavation. Your pipe lining will last for approximately 50 years or more and you won't need to think about the status of your Trexlertown sewer pipes.

If you need pipe lining for your Trexlertown home or business, contact the experts at Agentis Plumbing for rates and estimates at (610) 632 - 7902.

We had a plumbing problem on a weekend, and there were workers at our home same day. The guys assessed the problem, and had the line cleaned out quickly. We were very pleased with their response, price, and work. Highly recommend.

- Sue G.

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