Water Heater Causing You Trouble?

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Strange Noises Coming from Water Heater?

Have you noticed something odd about your drywall? Maybe you have seen some rusting or damaged flooring? Soon enough, you realize that there is something not quite right with your hot water. It’s cooler than usual and inconsistent with its heat. Finally, you begin to hear strange noises coming from the basement which is none other than the water heater unit.

Whether they’re gas or electric, water heaters require regular checkup otherwise they can leak near supply lines, damage drywall or surrounding floor, or cause sediment buildup, rusting, cause high water pressure and easily become impaired if one does not closely pay attention to them.

For safety measures, one should call a professional for annual inspections at least twice a year to prevent any major complications, however if you have found that you have a water heater issue, you’ve come to the right place.

Leaking Watertank in Coopersburg Home In Need of Repair
Plumber Repairing Water Heater in Coopersburg PA

Time to Be Proactive

In the city of Coopersburg, we need to be proactive on how to stay warm on an annual basis. This normally includes purchasing warm clothes, stocking up on wood for the fireplace, ensuring that the furnace is functioning properly and confirming that our water heaters are in perfect condition. Water heater repairs are essential for every home and business, especially when it comes to winter preparation. With that being said, it would be detrimental if one were to suddenly turn on their water for it to only spew out cold droplets. Once this occurs, residents will be subject to surviving with only cold water for an unpredictable amount of time. That’s why water heater repairs, upgrades and installations are a necessity, and it’s important for people to keep them maintained and updated. Unfortunately, most homeowners, small business owners and commercial property managers have a proclivity of neglecting these issues. After all, if something seems to be working properly, why would they think about investigating it?

Agentis Can Repair Your Water Heater Issue

Agentis Plumbing serves the Coopersburg area to help repair water heater units and/or provide upgrades. We are professionals in our craft and understand the importance of water heater repair within a residence and commercial property. Additionally, our team has extensive knowledge in safety, care and financial investments for a proper water heater repair/replacement. We value water heaters that are energy efficient and use American made parts for all services and installations. For those that are financially frugal, Agentis Plumbing understands the most affordable brands and provides full extended warranties for all new parts and units.

Coopersburg Plumber Inspecting Broken Water Heater to be Repaired
Newly Repaired Water Heater in Coopersburg PA Building

Enjoy Your Hot Water

With our help, you’ll have a better functioning water heater unit in no time with the most cost effective price. You’ll have all the needed tips on how to care for it along with the best warranty plan in the plumbing industry. Once again, hot water will be returned and you can refocus on your family and/or business. In addition, you can survive the winter months of Coopersburg without worrying about damage to your property or coping with cold water for unpredictable amounts of time. Enjoy your hot water!

They called to say they were coming the same day I called for something that was not urgent. The young man was very polite and friendly. I've used them several times and haven't been disappointed. They do good work and are reasonable.

- Debbie Y.

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