A Trenchless Method To Resolve Sewer Pipe Issues

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There's Something Wrong With My Sewer Pipes

Has your plumbing been increasingly frustrating lately? Whether there is an issue with a gurgling toilet, soggy spots in your front and backyard, or low-quality water in your home, there seems to be an endless amount of unrelated problems. Or are they?

While these signs may seem unrelated, they actually may stem from one issue that can't be seen above ground. Your entire problem could be a damaged sewer pipe underneath our Hellertown home or business.

So, how can one repair a possibly damaged sewer pipe that can't be reached without digging deep into the ground?

Undergound Pipe in a Hellertown House Prior to Pipe Lining
Hellertown Sewage Pipe Undergoing Pipe Lining

Consider A Pipe Lining Procedure

Often known as an epoxy pipe lining, a pipe lining procedure is the process of repairing a sewer pipe directly inside the existing pipe without digging into the ground.

The process takes approximately four hours to complete. Plus, compared to a typical excavation, a pipe lining is often more affordable and environmentally friendly. However, depending on how damaged the pipe is, excavation may be the best repair method. 

If you believe that you might have a damaged sewer pipe and are unsure if you need a pipe lining, it's highly recommended that you contact an experienced plumbing technician to perform a video camera inspection. This will help find the location of the damage and determine its severity.

Agentis Plumbing Provides Pipe-Lining Services to Hellertown

If you're searching for a qualified team of plumbing technicians to analyze your sewer pipe system, Agentis Plumbing has a squad of professionals that provide services throughout the Hellertown area.

Serving the Lehigh Valley area since 1954, our third-generation family-owned plumbing company takes pride in providing residents with good quality customer service. In addition, we were voted Lehigh Valley's Best Plumber in 2020's Reader's Choice Awards.

If you contact us for a pipe lining, we'll conduct a thorough video camera inspection to discover the damage. From there, we'll use the Picot Brush Coating™ System to repair anything from a small area to an entire piping system.

Professional Plumber Doing Pipe Lining in a Property in Hellertown PA
Post-Pipe Lining Image of a Sewer Pipe in Hellertown Pennsylvania

Your Plumbing Returns To Normal

Your pipe-lining procedure will take approximately four hours. After its completion, you'll notice your plumbing problems reduce. You'll no longer feel constant stress and anxiety due to constant plumbing woes.

The best part is that you didn't need to spend more money digging into the lawn of your Hellertown home or business. All services were trenchless, affordable, and conducted in a few hours, making your life much easier.

If you need a professional pipe-lining procedure in the Hellertown area, contact the experts at Agentis Plumbing for rates and estimates at (610) 632 - 7902

Called these guys last minute and they were able to come by in a few hours. Austin was the technician and not only was really nice to chat with, but very knowledgeable. Found a different problem vs. what I called for and fixed it. He's a perfectionist and exactly what I would like in a plumber. Would definitely use these guys again.

- Michael G.

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