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With A Pipe Lining Procedure By A Coopersburger Plumbing Technician To Resolve Your Sewer Pipe Issues

Experiencing Issues With Your Sewage & Pipes?

When people think of plumbing problems, they often think of drain clogs, floods, or toilet backups. In reality, the plumbing of one’s property connects to underground pipes that feed into your county’s local plumbing system. So, if you’ve experienced recent issues with your plumbing system in your Coopersburg home or business, but can’t diagnose the problem, it may be stemming from something much deeper. This problem can be defined as pipe failure. 

Pipe failure can occur for various reasons such as corrosion or overgrown tree roots causing damage to the pipes. Most individuals don’t know when their pipes are experiencing pipe failure until they experience the following:

  • Bad odors
  • Reduced water flow
  • Leaks in supply lines
  • Soggy spots within your yard
  • Unusual sounds
Pipe with Moisture Buildup Due for Pipe Lining in Coopersburg Pennsylvania
Ongoing Pipe Lining of Sewage Pipe in Coopersburg PA

How To Fix Pipes You Can't Reach?

At this point, a few questions are probably swarming your brain: “How can I fix a pipe that I can’t reach?”, “Where precisely is the pipe issue located?”, “Who can I call for the pipe repairs?” and “How much will this cost?” 

Truthfully, there are several methods to repair underground sewage pipes. Depending on what the issue is, one can completely replace their pipes through an excavation process. However, if the issue only stems from one sewer line area, most would agree that the excavation process is unnecessary. If it is determined that only a small area needs attention, you may require a pipe lining instead. 

Referred to as the “trenchless method”, pipe lining is the process of repairing damaged, cracked, clogged, or leaking sewer lines underneath your home or business. It is also less destructive, more environmentally friendly, and more affordable than excavation and pipe replacement.

Agentis Plumbing Provides Pipe Lining In Coopersburg

If you’re considering a pipe lining for your Coopersburg residence or commercial area, the next step is finding the right plumbing company to perform the task. Thankfully, Agentis Plumbing has a team of qualified plumbing professionals who are experts in the pipe-lining process for residential homes and commercial spaces. 

We use the Picot Brush Coating System to repair and reline one section or the whole piping system. This coating is efficient in protecting your pipes in the future as they are corrosion-resistant, damp-proof, and wear-resistant. 

In addition, we’re well-known throughout the Lehigh Valley area for high-quality customer services and provide all tasks on a 24/7 basis, including weekends, nights, and holidays at no extra charge.

Coopersburg Plumber Performing Pipe Lining
Clean Pipe in a Coopersburg Home After Having Pipe Lining

A Pipe System That Finally Works Right

Typically, our team can complete a pipe-lining procedure within three to four hours. As a result, you’ll finally have a pipe system that flows smoothly without other strange plumbing occurrences happening within your home or business. 

After the pipe lining is done, you’ll finally have peace of mind knowing that your plumbing is repaired and protected from other potential corrosion or damage. Plus, your property will remain intact without the cleanup that an excavation could bring. As your frustration and irritation subside, you’ll be able to use your appliances without worrying about worsening any issues. 

If you need pipe lining in the Coopersburg area, contact the experts at Agentis Plumbing at (610) 632-7902 for estimates and rates.

I have used Agentis several times. They are responsible, knowledgeable, prompt, courteous and always take care of my "problem". I can't say enough about them. Agentis will always be who I call.

- Cindi E.

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