Let's get to your clogged drain before they cause costly repairs, corrosion, flooding, backed-up sewage and even sickness.

Signs You Need Emergency Drain Cleaning

Bad Smells?

Waste build up in the walls on the pipes can give off a bad smell especially in kitchen drains. Kitchen drains deal with a lot of food waste than any other drain pipes therefore you expect a bad smell if there is food buildup in the drain pipes. A bad smell is reason enough to call emergency drain services. Why? You definitely don’t want your home smelling like a sewer. You should be more concerned if the smell is emanating from multiple drains because it indicates that the problem is coming from further down the drain and sewer system. The problem may not be visible in your bathroom or basement but only a plumber can tell where the problem is.

Without checking, the sewage issue could lead to costly property damage or pose a health risk to your family.

Allentown Plumber Conducting Emergency Drain Cleaning in Bethlehem PA Restaurant
Water Backing Up in Bethlehem Pa Home Needing Emergency Drain Cleaning by Allentown Plumber

Water Backing Up?

Back-flow is the worst thing that can happen to you as a home owner. Cleaning up after bad and smelling water that has ruined flooring and carpets forever is an experience that no homeowner looks forward to.

Back-flow is the overflowing of the sink or return of the bad smelling water from the sink. Back-flow may be caused by a sudden change in the water flow which causes the reversing of water up the drain. The worst of all back-flows is a sewer back-flow.

If you see water backups, don’t ignore it. Quickly call for emergency drain cleaning services.

Frozen Pipes?

During winter, temperatures can drop below freezing point. In such situations, it is inevitable that the water in the pipes freezes and the pipes themselves. Frozen pipes have the potential of causing serious problems when it comes to drainage and even leaks. How can you tell that your pipes are frozen?

  • Visible frost on exposed pipes
  • Odd clanking noises when the tap is turned on
  • Complete stoppage of water anywhere in your home

Frozen pipes could completely shut down your water supply, a situation which should absolutely be avoided. When you begin to notice any signs of frozen pipes, be sure to call for emergency plumbing services to get your drainage system back on track.

Frozen Allentown PA Home Drain Pipes to be Fixed and Cleaned by Bethlehem Plumber
Emergency Drain Cleaning Plumber Bethlehem Allentown PA

Water Where It Shouldn't Be?

There are definitely places where water should be visible but there are places where it should not. You are probably wondering where water should not be visible. Well,

  • Water pooling around the base of the toilet
  • Dripping water from the ceiling
  • Water seeping from the floor

These are all places where water should not be visible. Under these circumstances, your property could be really damaged. For instance, leaking ceilings could soak your furniture and books and just make life uncomfortable for you. Water seeping on the floor could damage your flooring and carpets. Really, the solution to these problems cannot wait and you will need to call for emergency drain cleaning services.

Colored Water?

The water in your home should be clear. If not, it means your drainage has an issue that need to be corrected.

  • Yellow or brown water indicates that your water has too much iron which could signal an issue with your water heater
  • Blue or green water signals that your copper pipes are corroded
  • Any other color of your water is a signal of a problem

Colored water is an indication that you need to call emergency drain cleaning services.

Colored Water Caused by Dirty Drain in Allentown PA to be Cleaned by Bethlehem Emergency Plumber
Gurgling Water in Allentown PA Home Needing Emergency Drain Cleaning by Bethlehem Plumber

Gurgling Water?

Emergency drain cleaning services may also be needed when you hear gurgling of water especially when running the dishwasher, laundry or using the washroom. This could be a result of clogging in the drainage which results in water being trapped in the faucet. It may also be because of the draining system reaching for air. Failure to turn off the water immediately this happens can cause it to all back up unto the house. You can only imagine the damage that you will have to incur. In order to avoid such a situation, you must arrange for emergency drain cleaning services. The expenses of the service will be much cheaper compared to the cost you will have to incur if you ignore the problem and leave it unresolved.

Your Simple Solution

You don't want you home and property to be ruined by a drainage problem and neither do we. That's why we offer 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service at no additional charge for nights, holidays, or weekends. It's all part of our Peace of Mind Promise to our community!

So when you observe any or all of the drain cleaning emergency signs above, don't hesitate. Call Agentis Plumbing right away!

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