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Dealing With Sudden Cold Water?

Imagine you’re relaxing after a long day of work until the sound of rumbling from your basement causes you to stir. When you decide to investigate, you discover that the sound is coming from the water heater.

Later that evening, as you prepare for a warm shower before bed, you realize that the water is freezing without any sign of getting warmer. It’s at this moment that you recognize you need a water heater repair.

Broken Water Heater and Leaking Tank In Need of Repair in Nazareth
Nazareth Man Repairing Broken Water Heater

Why Did This Happen?

Scenarios such as this one occur more often than we think. People often find themselves without hot water for a few months before repairing their water heater due to finances or other priorities, and this can be frustrating, however it’s very common.

One of the main reasons that is occurs is due to not consistently maintaining them. This usually requires keeping them in-check on a bi-annual basis in order to prevent future damage, high water pressure, or impaired drywall. Water heater repairs, upgrades or installations are the key factors to ensuring residents or commercial properties can sustain hot water.

Those who find themselves without a water heater within their property would find it within their best interest to install a unit. But what is the first step to getting them installed, repaired or upgraded?

Agentis Plumbing Serves The Nazareth Area

Agentis Plumbing serves the Nazareth area and is extremely equipped in all areas of water heater repair, upgrades and installations. Before the installment of any replacements, we inspect the unit carefully in order to provide the most affordable resolutions to one’s situation.

For those who don’t have a water heater in place, we are also well-versed in various brands and can provide the best options for the consumer; who may not be as knowledgeable in the most affordable and efficient units. We perform all services with American-made parts and ensure that all units are energy efficient and highly reliable.

Additionally, we can educate all consumers on maintenance tips to best prevent scenarios (such as the ones above from transpiring). If, for whatever reason, one is not satisfied with their water heater repair, we also provide extended warranties for all new parts and units.

Man Evaluating Water Heater Repairs to be Done in Nazareth Apartment
Water Heater in Nazareth PA Repaired by a Competent Plumber

Enjoy Your New Water Heater

After your new unit is installed, you’ll notice an immediate difference in your water flow and temperature. You realize how simple tasks such as checking up on the status of a water heater on a bi annual basis will be enough to help one figure out whether or not their water heater will need upgrades or repairs in the future.

This alone will save you unwanted stress to you, your family, clients, and fellow property managers. Those that are in need of a water heater repair, installation or upgrade should contact Agentis Plumbing at (610) 632-7902. Afterwards, you’ll realize that you made a great financial decision with persistent hot water and no further damage to your property.

Fast response to my call for service. Professional and knowledgeable technician who diagnosed and solved the problem quickly and efficiently. Great service. Definitely recommend!!

- Kevin W.

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