Are You In The Easton Area With A Water Heater Issue?

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Experiencing Strange Things In Your Property?

Are you hearing loud sounds from the basement? What does it sound like? If the answer is a loud, rumbling, hissing or popping, then it is probably an issue with the water heater.

When it comes to caring for a home or commercial property, many things have to be considered such as cleaning the gutters, checking the drainage, ordering firewood, sealing masonry, hard surfaces, and exterior wood, and (most importantly) checking all systems and appliances, including water heater repairs or upgrades.

Can you imagine what it’s like to suddenly lose access to warm water? Sadly, these scenarios occur to many Easton residents who fail to make water heater repairs and upgrades. If these things are happening to you, then luckily, you’re in the right place.

Easton Home's Broken Water Heater and Leaking Tank In Need of Repair
Man Inspecting Water Heater In Need of Repair in Easton PA

How Do I Prevent This From Happening?

There are preventative measures that one can do to ensure this doesn’t happen. It’s important that all Easton business and/or homeowners ensure that their water heater is in tip-top shape at least on a bi-annual basis to ensure hot water remains restored. But, many often believe that their water heater is in perfect condition, so why bother checking up on them?

Water heater repairs and upgrades are among one of the most important aspects of maintaining hot water that is essential for showering and cleaning. Unfortunately, when these appliances are forgotten due to other life events that take priority, this can lead to eventual water heater damage.

In other situations, sometimes individuals can’t afford the cost to upgrade their units and decide to deal with the property damage and water issues. How can one manage a water heater unit in these situations?

Agentis Plumbing Can Assist With Your Water Heater Repair

Agentis Plumbing serves the Easton area and can assist all residents and business owners handle these situation safely while providing the best affordable options. We have a team that is well-equipped in the craft and can perform any water heater installs or repairs as needed.

Additionally, we use American made parts for all installments and services. We can also provide tips to prevent any future problems that may occur. If one happens to experience any issues with a unit that we installed, we can provide the best warranty in the plumbing industry.

Easton Plumber Inspecting Water Tank and Heater to be Repaired
Water Heater in Easton PA Repaired by a Competent Plumber

A Water Heater Repair Equals Warm Water and Less Stress

After we have installed the unit, you’ll notice consistency in your water pressure, flow and temperature. Your family, consumers, employees, guests and tenants will be grateful for the beneficial investment that you made on your property.

Furthermore, you will no longer have to stress about current or future damage. And, if you feel unsatisfied with your water heater repair, you have confidence that you will receive a full warranty on it.

If you’re new to the Easton area and have purchased a home without a unit, a water heater installation may be a great investment to make for the future of your new home and family life. Others in the area that are in need of a water heater repair or upgrade should contact us at (610) 632-7902.

As a result, you’ll have a repaired water heater unit to provide with fresh, hot water for showering and cleaning, while also loving the financial decision made to repair it.

For excellent service, information, timeliness, and end result, this is THE provider to go and stick with. Well-trained technicians who know what they're doing and care about the job and look ahead to advise of needs. I couldn't be happier. Highly and highly recommended.

- Jeffrey N.

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