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What's That Smell?

Maybe you walked into your kitchen and noticed a distinct and permeating odor? At first, you think it's something in the fridge or in the garbage. However, when both of those possibilities are determined to not be the culprit, and the smell continues, it's likely that the issue is stemming from the garbage disposal.

As the days go by, the smell gradually gets worse and you attempt to turn on the garbage disposal once more to get rid of it. However, it begins to make a strange humming sound that doesn't sound natural.

Unfortunately, this is a huge sign of a garbage disposal in need of repair or possibly replacement.

Slow Draining Sink in Coopersburg Residence Caused by Garbage Disposal In Need of Repair
Slow Draining Sink in Coopersburg Residence Caused by Garbage Disposal In Need of Repair

What Damaged My Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals can become impaired due to various reasons.

One of the most common causes is food that makes it past the blades, but still causes a clog, due to either a one time event or build up over time.

Other common occurrences are when utensils and other items that aren't intended for the disposal unknowingly drop through the sink disposal hole. When you flip the switch, you instantly cringe knowing what has happened and hoping the damage is minimal both to the item and to the disposal.

Garbage disposals can also just wear down over time - starting to leak, draining into the dishwasher, becoming increasingly noisy, or even smoking (which can also lead to a fire hazard).

If you are currently experiencing any of these issues, then it's likely that you will want a local Coopersburg garbage disposal repair professional to check it out for you.

Agentis Plumbing Coopersburg

Agentis Plumbing serves the Coopersburg area with various plumbing services, including garbage disposal repair.

Our plumbing professionals will quickly diagnose the problem and provide the best options for your repair.

Additionally, our team provides services 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The best part is that there are no extra charges for nights, weekends or holidays.

This means that your garbage disposal will be back up and running in the shortest time possible.

Coopersburg Plumber Repairing Malfunctioning Garbage Disposal
Coopersburg Plumber Repairing Malfunctioning Garbage Disposal

Enjoy Your New Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal repairs can take approximately 30 minutes to two hours to fix depending on the issue at hand. Once completed, your kitchen sink will return to normal and you will no longer have to deal with unpleasant noises and smells.

The best part is you received all repair services with a cost effective price.

If you are in need of a garbage disposal repair in the Coopersburg area, contact the professionals at Agentis Plumbing at (610) 632-7902.

The final project was complete earlier than expected and less expensive than competitors in the area so a great value as well.

- Bill G.

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