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Dealing With Hard Water?

Water is water, right? Whether it's being consumed or used for cleaning, there can't possibly be a difference in this clear liquid substance. Sadly, this is a popular misconception.

While it looks the same, water can contain different levels of minerals that change its concentration. When water is "hard," this means that the minerals in your water are unusually high. Water hardness is measured in grains of minerals per gallon, therefore if your measurements read anything over 7.0 gpg, then it's time to install a water softener.

However, Coopersburg residents, business owners, and property managers who have a water softener installed, or are looking into installing one, should take notice when their water appears hard. This could indicate that you need a water softener repair.

Showerhead in Coopersburg Home Dry Due to Lack of Water Softener
Ongoing Mineral Testing of Soft Water in Coopersburg PA

When Should I Get A Water Softener?

The quality of water varies in different parts of the United States. The water softener's job is to treat water to ensure that iron and chlorine are at the proper levels. Depending on where one is located, these mineral levels may differ. In the city of Coopersburg, soft water may be measured from 0-75ppm.

However, sometimes it's difficult to measure the minerals in our water, so how can one is in need of a water softener or a unit repair? Believe it or not, hard water is also potentially dangerous to your property and your health. When consumed, hard water has no drastic effects, however, it can lead to dry or irritated skin, thinning hair or hair loss, and hair damage. On the other hand, you may notice yellow/dark red stains in your sink, mineral spots in the bathroom, low water pressure, and crust buildup in faucets.

So, once you've concluded that you need a water softener or water softener repair, what is the next step in the process?

Agentis Plumbing Provides Water Softener Repair & Replacements

If you've concluded that you need a water softener, you will need to find the right professional Coopersburg plumber to assist with your budget and needs. Thankfully, Agentis Plumbing has a qualified team of professionals located in Coopersburg to assist with new water softener installations or unit repairs. 

With top-notch customer service, we have proudly served Lehigh County for over 60 years and are constantly picked as the top plumbing company in the area.

If you contact us about issues with your water softener or interest in installing a new one, we'll happily travel to your property to assist. We'll recommend the best and most affordable water softener options that are compatible with your property. If you need a repair, we'll analyze the unit and discover the proper repairs needed for your unit. In addition, our team will make sure that your water's mineral levels are back to normal.

Coopersburg Plumber Replacing Water Softener
Soft Water in a Glass in Coopersburg Home

Return To Life With Softer Water

After receiving a new water softener or water softener repair, you'll notice a significant difference in your water's concentration. Your skin will no longer feel dry or flaky and your hygiene can return to what it once was. Additionally, your property will no longer suffer from damage or rust buildup. You'll be able to enjoy high-quality water once more.

Finally, you'll learn everything that you need to do to maintain your water softener to ensure that your water stays at its proper mineral levels.

Agentis Plumbing provides services on a 24/7 basis, including weekends, nights, and holidays with no extra charge. If you find that you're still experiencing problems, we'll gladly return to your property to reassess the issue.

If you need a water softener repair or replacement in the Coopersburg area, please contact Agentis Plumbing at (610) 632-7902 for estimates and rates.

We had a whole house filter/softener system put in and our kitchen faucet replaced. The plumber they sent to our house was AWESOME!!!! I highly recommend this company!!!! You will not find another company as gracious, kind, patient and professional as them!!!!

- Kevin K.

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