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Is My Water Softener Operating Correctly?

Have you noticed something strange with the quality of your water? Maybe there's a build-up on your shower doors, sinks, and/or faucets.  Or it's possible that your water just doesn't feel the same as normal. What's going on?

These are all signs of an issue with one's water softener. The water softener's job is to filter out the minerals that cause water to become hard. Hard water can potentially destroy appliances and metal and cause damage to your skin and hair. In addition, hard water can lead to foamy scum across bathrooms and kitchens.

If you can relate to any of the above, you begin to ask yourself, "What is wrong with my water softener?"

Shower Without Water Softener in Breinigsville Pennsylvania
Water in Breinigsville House Being Tested Whether Water Softener is Needed or Not

What Causes Water Softener Damage?

Water softener issues can arise for many reasons. In addition, the appliance is vulnerable to many problems that a Breinigsville home or business owner may find themselves dealing with.

From clogs, salt bridges, resin replacement, or overflows,  water softener malfunctions can occur due to low salt levels, old age, too much water in the brine tank, and many more causes. To truly determine the issue, one would need to reach out to a professional water softener technician local to Breinigsville to diagnose the problem.

Thankfully, you won't have to look far to find a company that is cost-efficient and reliable to conduct a proper water softener repair.

Agentis Plumbing Conducts Water Softener Repairs Throughout Breinigsville

If you need a professional plumber, Agentis Plumbing has a team of experienced technicians who conduct water softener repairs throughout Breinigsville.

After proudly serving the Lehigh Valley area for almost 70 years, we're proud of providing high-quality customer service for every home and business owner in need.

If you contact us for a water softener repair, we'll immediately arrive at your Breinigsville property to look at your tank and determine the issue at hand. From there, we'll perform the repairs needed to fix your water softener.

Our services are provided on a 24/7 basis, with no extra charge on nights, weekends, or holidays.

Breinigsville Plumber Repairing Broken Water Softener
Soft Water Placed in the Window of Breinigsville Home

Eliminate Your Hard Water

After we've completed your water softener repair, you'll notice an immediate difference in how your water feels. In addition, you will no longer need to be concerned about health risks concerning your skin or hair.

Your water softener will return to normal at a cost-efficient price. Also, if for any reason it still doesn't function properly, you'll have peace of mind knowing that we'll gladly return to reassess the unit.

If you're in need of a water softener repair in the Breinigsville area, contact our experts at Agentis Plumbing for rates and estimates at (610) 632 - 7902.

Just had a Water Softener installed by two of the most attentive and pleasant Service Technicians. They explained every step of the installation, and went through all aspects of the install with us before and after they completed their tasks. We have used Agentis previously for other projects, and will in the future. Great Job!!

- Maryann D.

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