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Does Your Water Feel Different?

Do you own a water softener? If so, you normally don't have to worry about the quality of your water. However, lately, you've noticed that your water feels different and appears cloudier than usual. Determining whether or not something is wrong with your water softener can sometimes be difficult, especially in the beginning. However, you're positive about one thing: something is different.

A regular water softener usually lasts about 8-12 years. Therefore, if you can't remember the last time your unit was installed, it may be time for a replacement. On the other hand, it's also possible that this issue has been happening over time without you noticing. Now, not only are you dealing with potentially hard water, but you could be dealing with some possible property damages if you don't get a water softener repair.

On the other hand, you may not own a water softener have dealt with water struggles for awhile without knowing what to do. Thus, why you may be interested in installing a new water softener for your property.


Shower Without Water Softener in Fogelsville Pennsylvania
Ongoing Mineral Content Testing of Soft Water in Fogelsville PA

How To Know You Need A Water Softener

As mentioned previously, knowing when one needs a water softener or unit repair can be difficult. And when one begins to experience the feeling of sticky water or random health issues such as dry skin or hair loss, it can become quite frustrating. However, while dry skin and hair loss are just a few signs of hard water, there are a few significant signs to know when it's time to install a unit or your water softener may need to be repaired.

Take a step back and reflect on the times that you spent washing dishes or taking showers. Did you notice any of the following?

  • Mineral spots on silverware, faucets or sink basins (these may appear as rusty or powdery white spots)
  • White crust buildup (on faucets)
  • Clothing material becoming itchy and fading in color
  • Low water pressure

If you can relate to any of these, then it may be time to contact a Fogelsville professional to install a new water softener or check up on your unit.

We Provide Water Softener Repairs and Replacements

If you've concluded that you need a water softener or unit repair, then it's time to find a professional plumbing company in Fogelsville that can assist you. Thankfully, Agentis Plumbing services the Fogelsville area and provides water softener installations and repairs.

If you express interest in a water softener, we can help you find one that works well with your property's plumbing system. In addition, we'll assist in properly installing the unit.

If you need a repair, we'll stop by your property to discuss your recent experiences before taking a look at your unit. In some cases, if salt levels are low, this could cause your water softener to malfunction. Other causes may include electric issues, bypass valve problems, depleted resin, too much water, or a faulty motor. Regardless, we have a team of qualified professionals that can figure out the issues and resolve them. 


Plumber Repairing Water Softener in Fogelsville PA
Blue Sky and Soft Water in Fogelsville House

A Water Softener That Supplies High-Quality Water

Depending on the circumstance, a new water softener installation or repair can take between an hour to a day. If you're instructed to replace the unit, this could take a slightly longer time. But eventually, your water will return to its normal quality that works best for your property.

All of the frustration that you once felt will be replaced with a sense of enjoyment and bliss. Plus, you'll be glad that you contacted a Fogelsville professional for help rather than ignoring the situation. It's not uncommon for individuals to forget about the importance of their water softener units. And if they're not paid attention to, this can result in severe and expensive consequences.

We serve all property types including homes, communities, businesses, and buildings. If you need a water softener repair or replacement in Fogelsville, contact Agentis Plumbing at (610) 632-7902 for estimates and rates.

Agentis office and field staff were professional, polite and patient in answering all of my questions. Field staff was punctual, friendly, respectful of my home, worked efficiently, did a nice job installing the unit, showed me basic operation and cleaned everything up. Thank you Agentis Plumbing..

- Robin C.

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