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Tired Of Mineral Buildup?

Have you noticed mineral buildup all over your bathroom and kitchen sinks, faucets, or basins? In addition, have you felt unclean after taking showers? Your body feels more foamy or slimy, but regardless of how you try, you just don't feel refreshed.

Typically, the mineral buildup is one of the biggest indications of the presence of hard water. Hard water contains hard mineral content, such as calcium and magnesium that is pulled from the soil. These contents usually make hygiene products such as soap, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner less effective. As a result, it's not uncommon for people to experience health risks including damage to skin or hair.

Hard water usually exists because of one of two reasons: an issue with one's water softener or the lack of a water softener unit on your Fountain Hill property.

Effect of Not Having Water Softener on a Shower in Fountain Hill
Ongoing Mineral Content Testing of Soft Water in Fountain Hill House

Time To Check Your Water Softener Unit

If you have a water softener unit and still find yourself dealing with hard water throughout your plumbing system, this is a significant sign that your unit requires a water softener repair.

Like all other plumbing appliances, water softener units are vulnerable to damage if not properly maintained. A water softener is a filtration system called an ion exchange that separates hard minerals from one's water. As a result, water softeners greatly help a home or business owner save money on other plumbing and property damages.

When a water softener fails to do its job, it can be due to many components, such as low sodium levels, an overflow within the brine tank, problems with the control valve, or old age. To properly determine this, one must reach out to a Fountain Hill plumbing technician.

Agentis Plumbing Provides Water Softener Repair Services in Fountain Hill

Agentis Plumbing has a team of professional plumbing technicians that are well-trained in conducting water softener repair services throughout the Fountain Hill area.

After serving the Lehigh Valley area for over 60 years, our family-owned plumbing company has been recognized for providing top-quality customer service. In addition, all services for our clients are provided on a 24/7 basis, with no additional charges for nights, holidays, or weekends.

If you contact us for a water softener repair, our team of experts will arrive at your property to assess your unit, diagnose the issue, and determine the proper resolution for your issue. We'll suggest the most affordable options that will decrease hard water throughout your Fountain Hill property.

Fountain Hill Plumber Inspecting Water Softener
Output of Installing Water Softener in Fountain Hill Pennsylvania

Less Mineral Buildup & Hard Water Side Effects

After we've completed your water softener repair, you'll notice a significant decrease in the presence of hard water throughout your Fountain Hill property.

You'll no longer need to worry about potential damage to dishware or deal with the eyesores of mineral buildup on your faucets, sinks, or basins. In addition, your skin and hair will greatly improve and grow healthier as you feel cleaner and more refreshed after every shower.

If you need a water softener repair within the Fountain Hill area, contact our experts at Agentis Plumbing for rates and estimates at (610) 632 - 7902.

Just had a Water Softener installed by two of the most attentive and pleasant Service Technicians. They explained every step of the installation, and went through all aspects of the install with us before and after they completed their tasks. We have used Agentis previously for other projects, and will in the future. Great Job!!

- Maryann D.

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