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Repair, Replace, Or Install A Sump Pump With Assistance From A Professional Plumbing Technician in Catasauqua

Dealing With Water In The Basement?

Like most areas in Pennsylvania, the suburb of Catasauqua is subject to unpredictable precipitation, snowstorms, and rain. This can place your home or business at risk of serious flooding, especially within your basement, if the water has nowhere else to go.

Flooding in the basement can increase safety hazards and health risks and inflict severe property damage. If you can relate to these situations, there are a few reasons why this may be occurring. Either one does not own a sump pump unit to collect the excess water, or their current sump pump unit has suffered damage and failed to perform its responsibility.

Catasauqua House's Sump Pump Showing Needs for Repair
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A Sump Pump Repair or Installation Can Help You!

A sump pump is a device used to transfer water from your basement to the outside of your Catasauqua home or business. However, if your current sump pump unit has failed to perform its duty, this could be due to several reasons:

  • Overwhelmed sump pump
  • Power loss/outage
  • Frozen/clogged discharge lines
  • Burnout

If none of these apply to you because you don't have a sump pump unit, it is highly recommended that you invest in one to prevent further damage to your property.

If you need a sump pump installation or replacement, a professional plumbing technician will be able to guide the best sump pump unit that coincides with your budget and expectations. There are various types of sump pumps such as submersibles, pedestals, battery-operated backups, and water-powered backups. While all types may have different features, all sump pumps have the same purpose.

If your current sump pump isn't working, you'll need a repair or maybe even a replacement. If you don't have one, an installation is vital to your basement and yourself. Where can one be found?

Agentis Plumbing Provides Sump Pump Repairs & Installations

If you're tired of struggling with flooded basements during heavy rain or snow, Agentis Plumbing has a professional team experienced in conducting sump pump repairs and installations throughout the Catasauqua area.

As a family-owned business servicing the Lehigh Valley area for over 60 years, we've been recognized for providing good quality customer service and are known for our dedication to our clients' needs. All services are provided on a 24/7 basis, with no additional charges applied on weekends, night shifts, and holidays. 

If you contact us for a sump pump repair, we'll thoroughly assess your unit to diagnose the problem and use the proper tools needed to fix it. If you need a sump pump installation, we'll assist in selecting a unit, if necessary, and provide installation services.

Skilled Plumber Repairing Sump Pump in Catasauqua PA
Newly Repaired Sump Pump of a Catasauqua Home

No More Basement Leaks!

After receiving your sump pump repair or installation, you'll notice an immediate difference in the basement of your Catasauqua home or business.

Your property along with the belongings within it will no longer be at an increased risk of damage due to Catasauqua's unpredictable weather patterns, especially during the winter season. The water will finally have a place to go without ever seeping into the basement of your property, and you'll feel safer within the comfort of your living space.

Finally, you'll feel great knowing that you were able to receive top-notch customer service and a working sump pump at an affordable rate. And if you're ever in need of plumbing services, the team at Agentis is right here.

If you need a sump pump repair or installation in the Catasauqua area, contact our experts at Agentis Plumbing for rates and estimates at (610) 632 - 7902.

Great service & fast. Discovered our sump pump failed and our basement flooded at 8am. Called Agentis & they had a tech out by 9:20. The tech was able to recommend a certified mitigation service to salvage the carpet. New sump pump installed by 11am.

- Sam L.

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