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Signs You Have A Sewer Emergency

Problem Flushing Toilets?

Pay attention to how your toilet is working. If it has a difficult time performing a full flush, and you’ve ruled out a toilet clog by plunging, the issue may be coming from further down the drain. If the sewer line is blocked, then the rushing water of the toilet can’t flow through like normal. Don’t ignore this important tip from your toilet.

Allentown Toilet Needing Bethlehem PA Plumber Offering Emergency Sewer Backup Cleaning Services
Bethlehem Plumber Doing Emergency Cleaning on Sewer Backup in Allentown PA Home

Multiple Clogs?

Sinks and tubs are known to get clogged with hair, soap, and other gunk every now and then. So having one drain giving you an isn’t unexpected. But if multiple drains are working slowly or backed up at the same time (especially from different rooms), then you may have a bigger plumbing issue on your hands. Don’t be fooled by more than one clogged drain.

Bubbles In Your Drain?

A common occurrence with a blocked sewer line is air getting trapped in the pipe. That air will rise back up through the pipe and exit at some open drain. So if you notice bubbles coming up from the toilet, sink drain, or tub drain, it’s something to take seriously. If it’s a simple clog, the bubbles with disappear after plunging or another clearing method. However, if the bubbles persist, it’s time to consider the possibility of a sewer line issue.

Sink Clogging and Sewer Backup in Bethlehem PA Home Needing Cleaning of Allentown Plumber
Flooded Allentown Home Needing Emergency Sewer Backup Cleaning Services Around Bethlehem PA Area

Time Is Of The Essence

When you suspect there might be a problem brewing with your sewer line, time is of the essence. The sooner you have a professional plumber inspect the line and make any necessary repairs, the better your chance to prevent a sewage backup in your home.

For expert plumbing services in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and surrounding areas, the name to trust is Agentis Plumbing. Our licensed plumbers can inspect and resolve your sewer line issue right away.

We had an emergency plumbing situation with sewage coming up in our backyard. They were very helpful, understanding, and figured out and fixed the issue and set up a follow up to address the underlying cause. Our technicians were excellent. Friendly, knowledgeable, and problem solvers.

- Ryan K.

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