Fix Your Water Heater Issues

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Dealing With Cold Or Lukewarm Water?

Have you noticed something strange about your water temperature? Maybe it doesn't stay warm, it's lukewarm, or it remains cold.  This can be particularly annoying when you're trying to relax in a nice, warm shower, especially during Fountain Hill's chilly season.

Additionally, any water-related chores around the property such as laundry or dishwashing will need to be paused until a solution is found. As a result, this can add unwanted frustration and anxiety to your day. Therefore, you feel pressured to get to the bottom of the issue immediately.

Chances are if you're dealing with a consistent water temperature issue, the problem is likely stemming from the water heater.

Broken Water Heater and Leaking Tank in Fountain Hill PA In Need of Repair
Local Plumber Checking Newly Repaired Water Heater in Fountain Hill PA

What's Wrong With My Water Heater?

Water heaters are plumbing appliances used to regulate the temperature of your water. While they're very valuable to help people receive consistent warm water, they are prone to fail eventually, like all other appliances.  

There are many reasons why a water heater may not last as long as you expected. High water pressure, internal corrosion, improper venting, sediment, or old age can all come into play. However, how can any of this information truly detect the problem?

While some may try to solve the issue themselves, it's highly encouraged to have a professional plumbing technician in Fountain Hill assess whether or not you need a water heater repair or replacement.

Agentis Plumbing Provides Water Heater Repair Services In Fountain Hill

If you're in search of an experienced team of professional plumbers to fix your water heater, look no more! Agentis Plumbing provides water heater repair and replacement services in Fountain Hill.

After serving the Lehigh Valley area for over 60 years, we've established a team of professional plumbing technicians with experience in dealing with water heater repairs and/or replacements. In addition, we have established a great reputation among Fountain Hill residents and business owners for top-notch customer service and attention to detail. Plus all services are provided on a 24/7 basis with no extra charges for weekends, nights, or holidays.

We pride ourselves in providing energy-efficient and dependable water heaters at affordable costs. If your new water heater is still not to your liking, we have one of the best warranty programs.

Fountain Hill Plumber Inspecting Water Tank and Heater Up for Repair
Newly Repaired Water Heater in Fountain Hill PA

Your Water Returns To Normal Temperatures

The moment that we arrive on your property to assess your water heater, we'll provide you with helpful feedback and the best affordable options for your budget. As a result, you'll be relieved to know that you'll be in good hands.

Whether you had to replace your unit or received a water heater repair, your built-up stress and anxiety will gradually decrease and turn into joy and gratitude. Additionally, your water will immediately return to warm temperatures for you to enjoy once again! Now, you'll be able to tolerate Fountain Hill's chilly and harsh winter seasons and stressful workdays.

If you need a water heater repair or replacement in Fountain Hill, contact the experts at Agentis Plumbing for estimates and rates at (610) 632-7902

Our water heater began leaking and broke down last Sunday. We called Agentis with the problem. A technician called back within 2 hours to get the details of our issues. The next morning, a technician arrived at the time expected. He evaluated our problem and was informative of what needed to be fixed. He was clean and thorough about replacing our 75 gallon water heater. We had running hot water that same day. Agentis Plumbing saved me and my family on a cold holiday. Thanks for the wonderful service.

- Ramon V.

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