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Something Is Not Right With The Water

Have you identified strange things such as mineral buildup, dull or itchy clothing, lifeless hair, or residue on dishes? Signs such as this can indicate the presence of hard water. And when hard water becomes a problem, this might signify that one might be in need of a water softener unit or repair.

Water softeners are extremely useful tools to help soften the water within South Whitehall homes and businesses. And when water is soft, it can provide a variety of benefits to our health, appliances, and plumbing fixtures.

Water softeners can properly adjust our mineral levels through a process called ion exchange. This process involves replacing magnesium and dissolved calcium ions with the right amount of sodium-charged ions. The "right amount" varies based on location and usage.


Effect of Not Having Water Softener on a Shower in South Whitehall
Output of Water Softener Being Tested for Mineral Content in South Whitehall PA

What Do I Do Now?

Hard water can cause severe damages to one's property. So if you're concerned that your water softener may have become impaired, or are considering installing one, you might be thinking the following:
"What do I do?", "How can I install a unit?," "How do I know that my water softener is impaired?," and "How do I prevent hard water from appearing?" 

Even if you believe your water softener to be in fairly good condition, there is a reason that hard water is suddenly appearing in your South Whitehall home or business. If you're just tired of dealing with the side effects of hard water, you might be pondering on how to install a new unit. Therefore, it is highly encouraged to contact a professional South Whitehall plumbing technician to assist with your water softener repair or installation.

While you may feel inclined to attempt to resolve this on your own to save money, it's best to have someone qualified to help you. This will save you a lot of time and money from a "trial-and-error" process.

Agentis Plumbing Assists With Water Softener Repair

Agentis Plumbing has a professional team of qualified plumbing technicians that can assist with a variety of plumbing services. One of those services includes water softener repair and replacements.

If you're dealing with an impaired unit, our team will perform a thorough assessment of your unit to discover the problem. Once detected, we will receive the proper tools needed to perform the repairs needed. If you express the desire to install a new unit for your property, we will also assist in picking a unit that's compatible with your budget and plumbing system. In addition, we'll advise the homeowner, business owner, or property manager on how to properly maintain their new water softener unit.

Agentis Plumbing is well-known throughout Lehigh County for consistently providing top-notch customer service. Additionally, all services are provided daily, including weekends, nights, and holidays with no extra charge. We have happily served the South Whitehall area for over 60 years.

Ongoing Installation of Water Softener in South Whitehall PA
Glass Filled With Soft Water in South Whitehall Pennsylvania

No More Hard Water!

Most of the time, water softener repairs and installations are pretty simple. The most common issues typically occur within the bypass. This makes it difficult for water to access the tank to be filtered with the appropriate mineral levels. Other issues might be due to too high or too low sodium levels. Whether your unit is brand new or needed repairs, we'll provide useful advice on how to prevent these situations in the future.

After the process is over, you will notice an immediate decrease in hard water within your South Whitehall property. Your frustrations will slowly diminish and you'll be able to, once again, enjoy the benefits of your soft water.

If you need a water softener repair or installation in the South Whitehall area, please contact Agentis Plumbing at (610) 632-7902 for estimates and rates.

Love your quick service. Impressed with the service technician who put in my water softener. I’ve recommended Agentis to two people already.

- June D.

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