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Water is an integral part of your daily activities in the home - whether you're cooking, cleaning, taking a shower, or staying hydrated. If something is off with your water, it can be a considerable nuisance that affects your life as well as your water and electric bills. Therefore, you need to have a fully functioning water heating system. Stop tolerating painfully slow heating tap water and lukewarm showers and give Agentis Plumbing a call today. Our water heater repair company in the Lehigh Valley can save you money when you're thinking long-term. We will make sure that your system is working as efficiently as possible. Our professionals can handle everything from sediment in the tank to a broken dip tube.

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As a homeowner, you have plenty of issues to deal with already. Even if you have some experience with handyman work, water heater repair can be a lengthy, difficult, and dangerous task for you - especially when gas lines are involved. If you turn to the experienced plumbers at Agentis, you'll have peace of mind because we handle all repairs properly and with care. Our second-generation family-owned business can quickly locate the source of the issue, offer a solution, and do a thorough inspection of the entire system, helping to prevent future problems and costly repairs. If you find yourself thinking, "Who offers water heater repair near me?" get in touch with us. We will provide the right fix, leaving the job site clean and allowing you to return to your normal routine.

Dependable Tankless Water Heater Repairs

In addition to electric and gas heaters, our plumbing company also works with tankless water heaters. Although these systems tend to last longer overall, Agentis can offer the tankless heater repair you need, resulting in consistent, high-quality water. You might think your tankless heating system has an endless capacity-it may work so well that you can take a shower while doing wash. But everything has its limits. At the first sign of struggle from your heating system, you should turn to our licensed plumbers. The sooner we fix it, the more money you'll end up saving.

Maintaining Your Heating System

Our water heating maintenance service will ensure that your system is running at its peak performance. To prevent expensive problems, you should have regular maintenance done at least once per year. Over a long period of time, sediment will start to build up, damaging your system and ruining its performance. If you've noticed that your heater is making banging noises, you should call Agentis Plumbing as soon as possible. Our water heater maintenance plumber will look over the whole system, making sure it's safe to use. We'll flush the system, removing any sediment as well as any foul smells caused by bacteria. Extending the life of your hot water heating is a great way to stop costly damages before they have a chance to happen. Contact us today for more information.

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