Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

water drip

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure At the end of a long day of work, you’d probably like to kick back and relax in your home. The last thing you’re looking for is another problem to deal with. But low water pressure is a common nuisance for many homeowners. Whether you’re cleaning the dishes, taking a shower, or washing your hands — low water pressure can make the task difficult…

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Tips On Replacing A Kitchen Faucet

kitchen faucet replacement

Time To Replace Your Kitchen Faucet? It may seem like swapping out that old faucet for a new one is an easy task. Sometimes it can be. Other times, not so much. If you’ve got an old faucet in your kitchen and it’s time to replace it, here are few tips to help you through…

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How to Replace Your Sink

kitchen sink

Replacing a sink can be a big job. If you have a fairly standard drop-in or under-mount sink, then the replacement process may be somewhat easier to complete. However, it is worth noting that any time you end up connecting and disconnecting piping, there is a chance that leaking or flooding may occur. So, if…

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When to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

broken disposal

Although a lot can be done to prolong the lifetime of a garbage disposal, sometimes replacement is necessary.  Here are some signs you may need a new garbage disposal. Want to learn how to fix a jammed garbage disposal? Click Here If the garbage disposal is operating poorly and is older than eight years or…

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How to Fix a Jammed Garbage Disposal

jammed garbage disposal

Got a jammed garbage disposal?  Here are some easy steps you can take to try and clear it yourself. Check to see if there is power going to the disposal. If you turn on the disposal and hear a hum, that indicates that there is power to the unit. Push the red reset button on…

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Plumbing and Prevention: Clogged Kitchen Sink?

grease in kitchen sink

Keep your drains flowing smoothly. Easier said than done when it comes to the high-traffic kitchen. There are food particles, soap, and the worst culprit – grease. Learn what not to put down your kitchen sink. But you can detect a potential problem even before it hits by recognizing the symptoms of a clogged drain. …

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What Not to Put down Your Kitchen Sink

clogged pipe

Are you abusing your kitchen sink drains without even being aware of it?  You’re not alone. With over 60 years of experience unclogging drains in the Lehigh Valley, here are some common food discards that can be incredibly harmful to your drains. The good news? If you break a few old habits, you can keep…

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