When to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

broken disposal

When to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Although a lot can be done to prolong the lifetime of a garbage disposal, sometimes replacement is necessary. 

Here are some signs you may need a new garbage disposal.

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If the garbage disposal is operating poorly and is older than eight years or so, you may want to consider replacing it.

Does your garbage disposal clog frequently? It may be time for a new one. Frequent clogs are a sign that the grind ring, the piece in the garbage disposal that food is ground against, is getting dull. It’s also possible that the lugs, pieces on the spinning plate that push food against the grind ring, are wearing out.

If you are getting a new kitchen sink or dishwasher, and your garbage disposal is aging as well, add that to the list. You’re already having professionals come out to install them, and it’s nice to be able to update these heavily used appliances all at once.

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