Signs that You Need Sewer Line Repair

Signs that you need sewer line repair

Signs that You Need Sewer Line Repair

The sewer line is an integral part of the house that is used each day, but you may not think about it very often. Maybe you had the sewer inspected when you first moved in and have not revisited it since then. So, you might not be sure what state your sewer line is in. And a damaged sewer line can cause major, expensive problems that you’re going to want to avoid. Before you start to panic, check out these common signs that you need sewer line repair.

Strange Smells

If you’ve noticed strange smells around your house, it could be a sign that the sewer line needs repair. With a fully functioning sewer line, it shouldn’t be causing any smells in or near your house. While sewage does have its own distinct smell, it could be being masked by coming up through your home. The sewage may have a mildewy or musty smell. So, you should pay attention to any smells in and around your house. Pay close attention to areas near your drains. There are other causes of bad smells coming from your drains, like a dry P trap or improper use of the garbage disposal. But if you’re getting a bad smell from your drains, you should reach out to a nearby plumber like Agentis as soon as possible.

Gurgling Toilet

Gurgling toiletWhen you flush a toilet, it’s going to make a flushing noise. But if no one is using the toilet, and you hear a noise coming from it — something could be off. If it sounds like water is running or there is gurgling or bubbling in the toilet, your sewer line may be damaged or clogged. The toilet water won’t have anywhere to go, and you could be facing a big sewage problem if you don’t have it taken care of by a professional plumber.

Slow Draining

Slow draining is a common issue. But a slow drain could also be a precursor to a large clog or sewage backup. You won’t really know how bad a clog is until you have the line inspected and cleaned by a professional. If your toilet, bathtub, or sink is draining slowly — you should probably deal with this issue sooner rather than later, especially if you notice the problem with multiple drains.

Inconsistent Water Levels

You may have noticed that the water level in your toilet is fluctuating. One day it’s low, and the next day it’s higher. A blocked air vent could be causing the issue, or it could be a sign you have sewer line problems.

Soggy Lawn

When you water your grass and landscape properly, it will dry up in a couple of hours. If you start to notice random puddling and soft spots in your landscaping, it could be a sign that you have a sewer line problem. And if septic waste starts to pool in the yard, that is an obvious sign you have a sewer line problem.

Lush Lawn and Landscaping

You may notice that certain parts of your lawn have become super green and lush. Or, maybe more plants have started to pop up without adding any fertilizer. On the surface, this will look nice.Is sewage causing a green lawn But it could be a sign that there’s trouble lurking below in your sewage line.

Moldy Walls

A damaged pipe or sewer line may increase the humidity in your home. Therefore, mold and mildew could start to pop up on your walls. You might see discoloration on your walls. If the discoloration appears to be coming out from the base of your toilet, it’s most likely an issue with your plumbing and not your HVAC system.


New cracks that form in your ceilings, walls, or foundation could be a sign that your house has some big issues going on. There are a couple of different causes of cracks, but excessive water or untreated leakage is one of them.

An Increase in Pests

Is my plumbing attracting pestsBugs, rats, and mice are drawn to damp areas that smell like sewage. Therefore, if you notice more pests around your home, it could be a sign that there is an issue with your sewer line that’s attracting them. In addition to contacting a plumber in the local area, you’ll also want to bring in a pest control expert.

Low Water Pressure

In order for your plumbing to work properly, there needs to be a good balance of water pressure. If you’re getting bad water pressure from your faucets or shower, you could have a clog or buildup in those pipes. Or, it may be your sewer that’s causing the problem.

Toilet Backup

If your toilet starts to back up with either sewage or clear water, there’s some sort of underlying issue with the plumbing. Either way, you should contact an emergency plumber right away.

Common Signs that You Need Sewer Line Repair

If you’ve noticed any of these signs that you need sewer line repair, contact us. Even when you aren’t quite sure if the sewage line is the culprit — that’s okay. Feel free to get in touch with us at Agentis. We can provide a sewer line inspection, assess the situation, and get to the root of the problem for you. Depending on your particular situation, we may be able to provide sewer repairs vs. a sewer replacement. But we will go into further details on your options before we get started on a full replacement.