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A water line can be damaged by a variety of things, like overgrown roots, corrosion, or a repaved sidewalk or driveway that caused physical damage. If your water line bursts or even just has cracks in it, your water can get mixed in with bacteria or your sewage line, making your family more susceptible to disease. Therefore, it's important to take this problem seriously and turn to the dedicated team at Agentis Plumbing before things get worse.

Offering professional water line repair in the Lehigh Valley, we will quickly identify the source of your problem, provide a solution, and ensure your health isn't put into jeopardy. Our efficient plumbers can save you money and stop a small repair from turning into a huge problem. Whether your water line is made of copper, steel, poly, or plastic-our knowledgeable staff will provide repair work that you can trust. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment. We'll even provide a free written estimate.

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Replacements Done Right

If your pipes are too far gone for repairs, a water line replacement may be needed. As long as it's possible, we will do our best to clean away any debris and get the work done without ruining your yard and landscaping. Additionally, new pipes can improve the quality of your water, and the construction will be uniform. If you're piecing together new piping with an old system from 50 years ago that utilizes a different pipe material, problems are eventually going to spring up. With a new water line, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're less susceptible to leaks.

Professional Leak Detection Services

If you've noticed that your water bills have gone up, it's possible that you have a leak somewhere in your system. It could be caused by roots or just old age. But the earlier on you deal with the issue, the less water and money you'll waste. So, you should call the team at Agentis Plumbing before your little leak develops into a huge problem that damages the foundation of your home. Our team will work to find the leak fast, taking out any guesswork. We can also inspect the rest of your line, making sure there aren't any hidden issues. Some common leak locations include faucets, showerheads, hose bibs, pools, and irrigation systems.

A water leak detection is important because it ensures a reliable water supply to your home or business. This is especially important if you have a company that relies on water, whether you're running a farm or a beverage business. That's why our family-owned company takes it very seriously when we offer top-quality plumbing emergency services, leak detections, water line repairs, and water line replacements. Appliances that utilize water (like washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators) can also be affected by a leak, using extra energy to compensate. If you want to ensure your appliances are running as efficiently as possible, contact Agentis Plumbing today.

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