Important Things to Know About Your Water Heater

water heater draining

Important Things to Know About Your Water Heater

Understanding the basic functions of your water heater only takes a few minutes but can be crucial to preventing or controlling a leaking or malfunctioning tank.

Here are several things to know about your water heater in case of an emergency:


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Power supply shutoff location

If the water heater is powered by gas, there will be a shutoff valve most likely above the water heater thermostat. If your water heater is powered by electricity, then go to the circuit breaker and locate the water heater circuit.

Water supply to the tank

On the water heater, there should be a shutoff valve near the cold water inlet pipes. If it is a wheel, you will have to turn it until water stops coming, or if it is a ball-style valve, just turn the handle 180 degrees to turn it off.

Drain for the water heater

The drain is located towards the bottom of the water heater. It will have a hose hookup. If you ever have to drain the water heater, attach a hose to the hookup and open the relief valve.

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