Why Does my Water Take so Long to Heat Up?

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Why Does my Water Take so Long to Heat Up?

Have you ever turned on the hot water for a shower, only to be in for a surprise when it comes out ice-cold?

It’s possible your water heater is simply wearing out from many years of use, and it’s time for a new one. Check out these advantages of having a new water heater.

So why does the water always take a long time to heat up? It could be caused by several things, such as:


If your water heater is far away from the shower or sinks you are using, it will take longer for the hot water to arrive. But before the hot water is delivered, the cold water that has been sitting in the pipe has to be pushed out, leading to that unpleasant blast of cold water.

Wide Pipes

The wider your pipes, the more water sits in them before the new water is delivered. Therefore, it will take more time to clear out this cold water for the fresh, warmer water to arrive.

Water heater problems

It’s possible the heating element has worn out, or the tank is damaged from age and not running efficiently. 

Get ready for the colder weather and have your water heater checked before it’s an emergency. 

Give us a call – we can diagnose the problem – and fix it. If you need a new water heater, we’re running a special right now – with our extended service warranty.