Three ‘Must-Have’ Features for Your New Water Heater

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Three ‘Must-Have’ Features for Your New Water Heater

Water heaters serve a vital purpose in our home – and are taken for granted until something goes wrong. Then there’s a panic to repair it or buy a new one. 

Before you find yourself in a frenzy, a basic understanding of what to look for in a quality water heater is essential to know. 

Here are three “must-have” features for your next water heater.


Is it time to replace your water heater?

Safety system to prevent fires

If you are buying a gas-powered water heater, look for one with a safety system that protects your family from a potential fire caused by flammable vapors outside the unit. These water heaters will automatically shut down if vapors are detected.  

Inside coating to prevent interior tank damage 

Over time, the hot water in a water heater can begin to eat through the steel tank, resulting in a leak that can cause severe damage. Quality water heaters will have a protective enamel coating on the inside to prevent melting.

Strong warranty to protect your investment 

To keep repair costs to a minimum, look for a strong warranty when you buy a water heater. A solid warranty of five or more years will protect your investment should the water heater need repair.


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