Plumbing Tips and Prevention: Be a Leak Detective


Plumbing Tips and Prevention: Be a Leak Detective

Three things you can do to detect water leaks. 

Here’s a simple checklist that can pay significant benefits when it comes to tracking down pesky leaks.

Review your water bill

Check your water usage compared to the previous month to see if there’s been a significant change. If you cannot pinpoint a reason this might be the case, you may have a leak that is causing the increase. (Interested in learning more reasons as to why your water bill is so high? )

Read your water meter

Your water meter is generally located near the front of your home. The lid is usually hefty and is marked “water.” You may need to use a screwdriver to help get the handle up so you can lift it. There are different types of meters – one may have a needle that indicates current usage, and the other type may have a leak detector that moves. If it’s indicating a leak and you know you are not using any water inside or outside, you may have a leak.

Take the Toilet Test

You suspect the culprit is a toilet, but it’s not obvious. Here’s a simple test you can do. Put a couple of drops of food coloring into the tank on the back of the toilet. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes and check the bowl. If the color has moved into the bowl, you have a leak. Check the flapper. If it’s worn out or not sealing correctly inside the tank, this can create the leak.

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