Love DIY? Basic Plumbing Tools To Get the Job Done

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Love DIY? Basic Plumbing Tools To Get the Job Done

Want to start tackling some of those smaller plumbing jobs around the house? 

Here are some of the essential tools you’ll want to keep on hand to save a few bucks and take on those running toilets, replace showerheads, or fix a leaky faucet.

Adjustable Wrench or Locking Pliers:

You’ll need the ability to grip a pipe for loosening and tightening connections. To avoid scratching a pipe to an exterior connection that may be visible, it’s a good idea to wrap the pipe with a towel before locking down the wrench. 

Needle-Nosed Pliers:

Great for getting into those tight spots and doing more intricate work. 

Plumber’s tape or “Teflon” tape:

This will ensure that you get a good seal on threaded pipes – like a showerhead. 

Basin Wrench:

This is for getting into those hard to reach spaces underneath a sink. 


Great to have on hand when the seal around a sink or toilet begins to wear out. A simple way to keep stop potential leaks and water damage from seepage.

Have more complicated plumbing problems? Give us a call – the Agentis team is ready to help.