Is Horsepower Important in a New Garbage Disposal?


Is Horsepower Important in a New Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal is one of the few kitchen appliances where horsepower is something to consider in your search for a new unit.

But how much does it matter?

A garbage disposal’s horsepower output is a good indicator of how reliable it is – and what it will be able to grind up.

Garbage disposals typically come in sizes that offer between one-third and one unit of horsepower. 

A unit that offers one-half and three-quarters horsepower will get the job done. 

Models generating less than one-half horsepower may not properly grind scraps of food, allowing them to pass through into the pipes, which can create clogs. Lower horsepower units also tend to break more easily as grinding food scraps will present a more significant challenge. 

The advantage of a more powerful garbage disposal is that it allows you to grind up food scraps you would otherwise have to compost, adding a level of convenience to your life. 

How much does a more powerful model cost to have installed? Not including any additional electrical work that may need to be done, an installed garbage disposal offering one-third to one-half horsepower will cost anywhere from $300-400 on average. Three-quarter horsepower variants can run $350-500, depending on the make and model. 

Ultimately, choosing a higher horsepower model depends on your everyday usage of your disposal and the durability you expect. 

If you compost most of your food scraps, you may be able to get away with less power. If you want to be able to grind up more foods confidently, then a high-powered model may be best. 

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