How to Keep Your Toilets up and Running


How to Keep Your Toilets up and Running

Toilets are the last thing you want to malfunction in your house. So maintaining them is crucial. Use these tips to keep the porcelain “thrones” in your home in tip-top shape.

Won’t flush

To fix a toilet that won’t flush, first check to make sure it’s not a clog causing the problem. Plunge the toilet and see if the clog releases and the water drains. If not, there may be another culprit. Proceed to “check the tank.” 

Check the tank

Check the connections between the flapper valve, chain, lift arm, and flush handle to make sure everything is connected correctly. If not, then try and tighten or loosen any of the connection points, or pieces such as the flush handle. 

It’s also possible the flapper valve may not be lifting high enough to break the seal and let the water out of the tank. If all of these pieces are intact and appear not to be broken, it may be time to consult a professional. 

Slow to fill

If your toilet bowl is filling too slowly, there may be debris blocking the valve, or the valve is worn out.  (They wear out approximately every seven years or so, and if your valve is older than this, your best bet is to replace it.) 

If there’s debris in the tank, turn off the water supply and flush the tank. Then, remove the cap assembly from the valve body in your tank. (You may inspect for debris on the seal and valve pieces.) 


If the toilet is leaking, make sure the water hasn’t risen above the overflow tube, causing water to leak into the bowl. Next, adjust the level of the float in the tank, which should reduce the water level. 

If this doesn’t work, you may need to replace the ballcock. To do this, turn off the water and flush all of the water out of the tank. Then, remove the old ballcock assembly and install the new one. 

If the leak persists, replacing the flapper valve may be necessary. Turn off the water, drain the tank, and examine the flapper for any cracks or damage. If it’s damaged, pop the old one off and put on a new one. 

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