Garbage disposals: How do they work?

garbage disposal

Garbage disposals: How do they work?

Often we assume garbage disposals are simply comprised of a motor powering a set of rotating blades that work to cut up our food. 

However, garbage disposals are a lot more complicated than that. 

Here’s how they work:

Inside the garbage disposal, a metal plate with a hole in the middle spins around. The hole drains to a pipe carrying away the dirty water. 

There are two small metal pieces, about the size of washers, called lugs, which are mounted on the metal spinner. A piece called a grind ring is fitted on the inside of the garbage disposal, just above the spinning plate. 

But how does this contraption work to grind up food? 

Once the unit is on, the plate with the lugs will begin to spin. When food falls down the drain into the garbage disposal, it lands on the spinning plate. The lugs on the spinning plate push the food at very rapid speeds into the grind ring. 

When food is thrown against the grind ring, it’s broken up into tiny pieces. These drain out through the small hole in the middle of the spinning plate. 

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