Can a Water Heater Explode?

exploding water heater

Can a Water Heater Explode?

Although water heaters are equipped with several safety features, they can stop functioning properly and, in some cases,  explode if not maintained or checked. 

While routine checks and maintenance will prevent this, here are three things that can cause a water heater to explode:

Is it time to replace your water heater?

Temperature set too high

Heating water inside a tank creates pressure. Make sure your heater is set in the safe temperature range of 120-125 degrees. 

Failed pressure relief valve

The pressure relief valve is designed to release pressure in the tank if it gets too high. It’s a good idea to have a professional inspect it as part of regular maintenance to make sure it’s operating properly. If the temperature is set too high and pressure builds up faster than the release valve can handle, it can cause your water heater to explode. 

Rust corroding the tank

Water heaters made of steel will rust over time. As a precaution, your water heater has an internal rust protection element called a “sacrificial” anode rod. It’s a 3-5 foot rod that attracts the corrosion to help protect the tank from damage. However, these rods eventually deteriorate, so it’s essential to have them checked and replaced as necessary. 

Time to have your water heater checked for safety?

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