How to Clear a Plumbing Vent

clogged plumbing vent
A working plumbing vent is integral to the function of any home’s plumbing system. Your plumbing vent regulates the pressure in your drainage pipes to ensure pipes are safe and ...
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Leaky Faucet? Know your faucet you before you fix it.

faucet diagram
I Have a Leaky Faucet Faucet leaks are the nuisance of bathroom maintenance issues. And the cost can be high. A leak that loses just one drop per second can ...
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Treat Your Drains Kindly

chemical pipe
We rarely think about our drains and pipes until something goes wrong. But if you follow a few simple tips, you’ll keep your drains flowing and prevent potential problems down ...
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Plumbing Inspections: Check the plumbing before buying the house

flooded home
Buying a house is a huge decision and one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. And, since plumbing is key to how a home functions now and in the future, ...
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Save Water and Lower Your Bill with Three Simple Changes

save water
The amount of water Americans waste is at an all-time high. According to the EPA, 900 billion gallons of water is wasted annually in the US, just due to leaks ...
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Got a Bad Clog? Be Careful When Playing With Snakes

toilet snake
Tried everything to clear a clog in a sink or toilet and nothing has worked? Before you jump to a drain snake, be sure you know the different types and ...
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Is it time for a new dishwasher?

Every night, we depend on our dishwashers to do a chore we all dread. We get so used to the convenience that when it starts to show signs of failure, ...
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How to Replace Your Sink

kitchen sink
Trying to replace a sink can be a big job. If you have a fairly standard drop-in or under-mount sink, then the replacement process may be somewhat easier to complete. ...
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Water Heaters: Should You Consider a Water Heater Leak Detector?

leaking water heater
With the average water heater holding about fifty gallons, a leak in your tank can create a lot of damage. And, depending on where your water heater is located and ...
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Plumbing DIY: All About Drain Traps

drain trap
Ever wonder what that curved pipe is underneath your sink? Today we’re going to boost your plumbing knowledge and put a new skill into your DIY arsenal. Understanding the drain ...
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How to Fix a Running Toilet: The Flapper

toilet flapper
The running toilet is a common household nuisance. They waste a lot of water, and the sound of the water cycling through begins to sound like a constant stream of ...
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Can You Fix or Replace a Bathroom Sink on Your Own?

replace sink
Replacing major elements – or even the sink itself – can be a massive undertaking for the average homeowner. But if you’re a do-it-yourselfer with the right plumbing knowledge, you ...
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