Is My Garbage Disposal Compatible with My Plumbing and Electrical?


Is My Garbage Disposal Compatible with My Plumbing and Electrical?

Although most garbage disposals are built to be compatible with nearly any kitchen, it’s possible you’ll need to adapt a garbage disposal to your power system or pipes. 

Here are a few things you should consider about making your garbage disposal compatible with your kitchen.


Is it time to replace your garbage disposal?

First, it’s necessary to understand how your garbage disposal connects to your power and pipes.

Every unit will have three connection points: an entrance point at the top of the unit for debris from the sink, an exit point into the drain pipe, and a power connector. 

The disposal should be easily compatible on the sink and pipe-connections, however the electrical connection is where problems could occur. 

The garbage disposal unit will either need to be hardwired to the electrical circuit, or have a power cord that can plug into a 120-volt outlet. Adapter kits are available for most models. 

Safety codes also regulate how far the switch must be from the sink. Generally, the further the switch is from the sink, the safer you are. 

Popular locations for the switch include the backsplash behind the sink, as it’s far enough from the water source, but still convenient to reach. You could also locate it next to the light switch for the kitchen if it is nearby, however if you put it far away, it may be difficult to run the necessary wiring where it needs to go. 

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