Getting a Checkup on Your Pipes Can Prevent Possible Disaster

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Getting a Checkup on Your Pipes Can Prevent Possible Disaster

Everyone will go through at least one major plumbing disaster in their lifetime – whether it’s a broken water heater, a massive flood in the basement, or a burst pipe. But many of these disasters are preventable with some routine maintenance and a checkup on pipes.

But how do you conduct routine maintenance?

water pipe

Discolorations in your water pipes can be a sign of corrosion.

Visual checks

Take a look around your water heater and look for signs of damage like water stains, rust, connector leaks. Take a look under sinks and around tubs, looking for stains or blistered plaster. 

You can also have a professional plumber come out and check the pipes and water heater. They’ll check for corrosion in piping, test water pressure, and search for signs of leaks. (Learn how to be a leak detective).

Treat your drains with care

After use, try to run hot water through the sink to flush out any possible build up from oils present in food products. Every few months you should also pour white vinegar down the drain, let it sit for about ten minutes, then rinse it with hot water. 

To get rid of the vinegar smell, you can even squeeze a lemon or other citrus fruit slice, letting the liquid flow down the drain (rather than throwing hard rind) to eliminate the strong vinegar smell. 


Need routine maintenance on your pipes? Call the experts down at Agentis Plumbing to come perform a routine checkup on pipes to prevent possible plumbing disasters.

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