Bathroom on a Budget: Small Things with Big Impact

bathroom toilet sink shower head

Bathroom on a Budget: Small Things with Big Impact

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a remodel to make a big impression – especially when you focus on a smaller room like a bathroom on a budget.

That’s because each element is more noticeable in a smaller space. And that can apply to both functional and decorative elements. 

It might be as simple as replacing that aging showerhead with something more modern. Or finally replacing the toilet that’s been driving you crazy for years and always seems to need repair. 

How about the sink faucet that’s starting to show the wear and tear of hard water damage? 

Top designers understand this principle and know that sometimes the smallest coordinated details can make a big difference in changing the way you feel about your bathroom. 

Looking for some ideas to give your bathroom on a budget while giving it a little lift without spending a fortune?