A Little Water Heater History

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A Little Water Heater History

Now a staple of our homes, the automatic water heater began as a vision. 

While Norwegian Edwin Ruud is credited with creating the first automatic storage water heater back in 1889, others had begun the exploration before him.

The Geyser

Benjamin Waddy Maughan devised an early system where water was heated as it poured into the tub – similar to how a hot water faucet works today. 

The creation was called the “Geyser” and used gas vapors to generate heat. However, the design did not allow the vapors to escape, and this early version was considered too dangerous for use.  

The Automatic Storage Water Heater

Edwin Ruud took Maughan’s design to the next level – adding key safety features – while he was working at Westinghouse in Pittsburgh.

He later started his own company and created a new design with a cast-iron shell, enclosed burners, a coil of copper tubing through which water could flow, and the addition of thermostat-controlled gas-valves. 

Of course, water heaters have come a long way since these early days. But water heaters have made enormous strides in both safety features and energy efficiency in just the past few years!

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