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Water Line Repair in Whitehall, PA

Copper, steel, plastic or poly, we can handle it all.  No matter what your water line is made of, Agentis Plumbing in Whitehall, PA has the experience and equipment to repair your water line. Since your water lines are responsible for ensuring clean water is brought into your home or business, and since broken water lines put your clean water supply at risk, we take these repairs very seriously. At Agentis Plumbing in Allentown, PA, we understand how to identify and get to the root of the issue quickly, making our repairs so that your property, your money, and your health are not jeopardized.

Water Line Replacement in Whitehall, PA

Sometimes water lines can’t be effectively repaired and a replacement will be required. Whenever possible, we employ methods that replace water lines without destroying your landscape so that you’re not left with yet another project once we’re finished.

Efficient Water Delivery

Some of the most common yet critical plumbing repairs are on water lines running into homes and businesses. These are the major sources of clean water delivery from water mains and they must be properly maintained and kept free from any obstruction. Age and root infestation are some of the most common reasons for water line blockage and failure, eventually causing significant damage to landscapes, and building foundations and interiors. This is why we take our emergency service, leak detection, water line repair and water line replacement services for residential and commercial buildings so seriously.

Water Line Leak Detection

Your water lines are metered so you can track usage for billing purposes. If you start seeing an increase in your water bill, it may be time to check for leaks in your water lines. A small leak on your water heater pressure relief valve or toilet may cause only a small increase to your water bill. Breaks in pipes are another story, causing significant and unwelcome billing increase. You may notice greener grass in one area or even puddling water in another. If you don’t notice an outdoor leak however, shut the water valve to the house off. If the meter is still running, this means the water leak may be at the valve itself or in the house. Other common leak locations are at hose bibs, shower heads, faucets, pools and irrigation systems.

If you are seeing an increase on your water bill, don’t let it drain your account! Reach out to Agentis Plumbing in Whitehall, PA via our contact form at 610-867-6001 and we’ll get your water line leaks under control in a snap!



Another firm recommended that I replace the sewer line, house to street, for $7K plus. A friend suggested that I get a second opinion from Agentis. Their technician, Steve Smith, arrived at my house on time, did a camera inspection and had me view it along with him. It revealed that there was NO problem between the house and the street. Steve was very knowledgeable and helpful and discussed all my options with me. Agentis will be my go to for service in the future!

Jack B.

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