Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure At the end of a long day of work, you’d probably like to kick back and relax in your home. The last thing you’re looking for is another problem to deal with. But low water pressure is a common nuisance for many homeowners. Whether you’re cleaning the dishes, taking a shower, or washing your hands — low water pressure can make the task difficult […]

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Plumbing Tips: Is Your Shower Losing Water Pressure?

One of the most underrated pleasures in life is taking a hot shower with good water pressure.  But, over time, the water may not feel like it’s coming out as strong as it once did. And it may happen gradually so that you don’t even realize it.

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Plumbing Tips: Why Does It Take so Long for My Shower to Get Hot Water?

When it comes to your shower and hot water, it may seem like you’re waiting for hours. And it costs you money as wasted water runs down the drain. But you’re not going to get in until it’s nice and warm.  So why do showers take so long to heat up?

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