Water Heaters: Should You Consider a Water Heater Leak Detector?

  With the average water heater holding about 50 gallons, a leak in your tank can create a lot damage. And, depending on where your water heater is located and how long it is until the water is shut off to the tank, it could spread into several rooms – ruining carpets, damaging flooring, and […]

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Plumbing and Prevention: Clogged Kitchen Sink?

Keep your drains flowing smoothly. Easier said than done when it comes to the high-traffic kitchen. There’s food particles, soap, and the worst culprit – grease.

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What Not to Put down Your Kitchen Sink

Are you abusing your kitchen sink drains without even being aware of it?  You’re not alone. With over 60 years of experience unclogging drains in the Lehigh Valley, here are some common food discards that can be incredibly harmful to your drains.

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Plumbing Tips and Prevention: Why Is My Water Bill so High?

When the weather warms up, we tend to use more water. Hotter weather. More showers. More watering in the yard.

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Plumbing and Prevention: Treating a Clogged Bathroom Drain

There are some simple ways you can keep your bathroom drains flowing smoothly. And you don’t even need to use harsh chemicals.

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Plumbing and Prevention: Water, Water, Everywhere

Be prepared to stop a leak by shutting off the main valve to your home. Water is running everywhere. In the frenzy you run around looking for the main shut-off valve and have no idea where it is. Okay, relax. Deep breath!  With a little preparation, you’ll be ready for an emergency like this. You can even […]

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