Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure At the end of a long day of work, you’d probably like to kick back and relax in your home. The last thing you’re looking for is another problem to deal with. But low water pressure is a common nuisance for many homeowners. Whether you’re cleaning the dishes, taking a shower, or washing your hands — low water pressure can make the task difficult […]

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The Ultimate End of Summer Plumbing Checklist

As summer winds down, it’s a good idea to think about preparing your plumbing for the months ahead. Checking your plumbing seasonally can help guard against those untimely problems that can arise as the weather changes.  Here’s a simple checklist of things to do to keep your home’s plumbing system running smoothly.

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Plumbing Inspections: Check the plumbing before buying the house

Buying a house is a huge decision and one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make.  And, since plumbing is key to how a home functions now and in the future, you want to make sure you understand what you are actually buying and what might be required to get the house into shape.  Maybe […]

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Water Heater: An Annual Inspection Can Eliminate Surprises

Want to avoid waking up to find your shower water won’t heat up?  Then it’s a good idea to have your water heater inspected annually. Here are some of the things that a professional will do during an annual water heater inspection to help keep you in hot water all year around.

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Plumbing and Prevention: Tested Your Water Shut off Valves Lately?

Stop a leak from doing further damage by turning it off at the source — the shut-off valve. Whether it’s a leak from the washing machine, toilet, or sink, you can stop it at the source and save yourself from significant water damage. All it takes is a little preparation.

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