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If your water heater is beginning to leak, or if it’s no longer producing enough hot water to meet your needs, it may be past the point of repair and time for it to be replaced. The average water heater has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. At Agentis Plumbing in Bethlehem, we’ve been repairing and replacing boilers and water heaters since 1954. Our extensive knowledge and experience go way back. When your water heater breaks or needs to be replaced, we have the abilities, expertise, and understanding of the issue at hand. At Agentis we strive to handle water heater installation with the utmost care, restoring both hot water and quality-of-life in no time. We go above and beyond to ensure that everything runs smoothly, giving you peace of mind during the water heater installation.

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Water heater installation is not a DIY job, as it can be incredibly dangerous. So it's best to contact the professionals at Agentis Plumbing to handle the task for you. While some water heaters may be repaired, in some cases, repairs will no longer be enough. Eventually, you will need to replace the unit, so it functions properly. Some of the more severe reasons where you need to replace your unit include serious leaks, constant repairs, and age. While a leaky joint or valve may sometimes be repaired, a leaky tank cannot be. Leaks in a water heater generally mean that replacement is necessary. If your water heater is always in need of repairs or service, it probably needs to be replaced. A new water heater can provide the stress-free operation that you want. If your water heater is twelve to fifteen years old, or older, and has started showing the above symptoms, it has probably reached the end of its useful life. Once it has reached the end of its life, no longer providing the heat needed, take action and call Agentis Plumbing.

If you suspect your water heater is reaching the end of its life, contact the qualified professionals at Agentis Plumbing in Bethlehem. With so many things to factor in, it can be a dangerous task for someone who is not a trained professional.  Our team of experts will install your new water heater and provide the utmost care and respect for your home. We understand how much of an inconvenience not having warm water can be. That's why we make it our mission to provide emergency service 24/7. When you call us, you know your water heater is in safe hands. Let us take care of it. Call us today so we can assist you in installing your new water heater.

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If you are in need of emergency plumbing repairs, don’t worry! We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, we never charge trip fees, service fees, or overtime fees, even on nights, holidays and weekends!

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